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Does Your Business Need More Exposure? Do you run a business in Bulgaria? Do you want to make a bigger impact?

Potential overseas property buyers begin their search on the internet, so it is crucial to estate agents and developers to have a dynamic online existence.  Having just a website is not enough; you need to have active online exposure. Quest Bulgaria is an authority site which in the world of internet market means we are a respected site that is knowledgeable in the industry, and only publishes high-quality content. We only cover useful information that people want to land on and share with others. We link businesses and customers together.

We have an effective and enthusiastic approach to the property media and understanding of the property market. We are focused and professional and achieve results. We have advertisement packages to suit your needs and within your budget.   

Quest Bulgaria Property & Lifestyle Magazine was formed over 9 years ago and provides information on all aspects of Bulgaria, whether the reader is contemplating the purchase of property, relocating, or just a holiday then our site, being the largest website in terms of its traffic and content is the favoured place to start learning about this fabulous country.

We offer you an effective advertisement through a niche market with targeted premium visitors who have buying intent



Quest Bulgaria Price List and Advertisement Opportunities

Choose where you would like to place your banner. We offer banner space on both our homepage and all other pages within the various categories of the website.

See our screenshots of both the homepage and the internal pages showing where your banner could be placed.

Home Page Banner Advertisement Premium Position Home Page only, above the fold non-scrolling position. Static Large Wide Banner, 328px x 80px for maximum exposure. 20 Euros per month*

Top header banner Premium position near to the logo is 468x59px and costs just 50 Euros per month*. This is an above the fold non-scrolling position.

Extra Large Top Banners Premium Position Extra large banner, 970x90px published on all pages except the homepage. This banner is the largest one that we offer and an example of it can be seen across the top of all article pages. The cost for this space is 50 Euros per month*. This is an above the fold, non-scrolling position.

Medium banner 325x80px published on all pages, 20 Euros per month*.

Small Banners Box banner, 160x160px 15 Euros per month*.

*All prices quoted are dependent on a minimum of a 6 months pre-paid duration. All banners will be displayed statically for full exposure 100% of the time.

Banner Design is available for 20 Euros.

In Article Banner Advertisement

Our in Article Banner advertisement emphasises your business through both written text and the added help of a banner all in one. This advertisement choice will remain on the site for 12 months and provides excellent coverage for your business all for the low cost of 25 per year.

Feature Video

There’s no better way to promote your business, this up and coming media really makes you stand out and gets excellent results within an article for 20 Euros.

Guest Posts

An incredible opportunity for you to promote your business by submitting a guest post of up to 1000 words about your business and what it has to offer the customer. It includes a return link to your website and 2 images. The cost for this service is a one off price of 35 Euros, and the article will remain on the site indefinitely with the first 2 weeks being published on our front page.

Email newsletter

Featured advertiser sent in our monthly newsletter for the one off cost of 25 Euros

NEW Advertisement Directory

SEE our NEW Advertisement Directory - Property Sales and Rentals - Do you have a property for sale or long term rental? Advertise in our new directory for more exposure for the bargain price of 5 euros per listing per year.

 SEE our NEW Advertisement Directory for Hotels in Bulgaria - Do you have a hotel, guest house or holiday rental? Use our New directory to 'stand out from the crowd' for the bargain price of 5 euros per property per year.

 Contact Us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now with your requirements and we will get back to you at the very first opportunity.