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Towns in Bulgaria - Vidin

vidin on the danube bulgariaTowns in Bulgaria - Vidin is often a forgotten area of Bulgaria located in the north western reaches. The magnificent town of Vidin lies on the Danube River, near fortress towns and numerous caves. Compared to other towns in Bulgaria Vidin is one of the smaller regions of Bulgaria, bounded on the north by the Danube and on the west by Serbia. The region is diverse, alternating between the Danubean Plain and the main Balkan range.

Home to many natural landmarks, numerous archeological monuments, ecologically clean areas the region provides all those elements which are pre-requisites for good tourism.

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The Extraordinary Town of Gabrovo

extraordinary town of gabrovoGabrovo is not just an ordinary town. And I'm not saying that only because I happen to have been born there. Although every town has its own spirit, in Gabrovo you can feel it brimming over on the streets while you are listening to the murmur of the river, crossing one of the many bridges or visiting the landmarks around town.

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Pleven, City of Museums

Pleven TheatrePleven is another of Bulgaria’s hidden gems, which is rich in potential for both tourism and industry. It is Bulgaria’s seventh largest town; its role in the country is increasing significantly, as more businesses move here. It lies at the foothills of the Stara Planina Mountains and the Danube plain close to the Touchenitsa River, a tributary of the Vit River. Its stunning location, in a valley surrounded by steep limestone cliffs and lush greenery, make Pleven a beautiful place to live in. Tastefully restored neo-classical buildings surround Pleven’s city centre, which, with their tasteful palette of hues and pastels, lends an air of class to the centre. The area is steeped in history and its national heritage is rich; there are over 450 archaeological and cultural sites and around 215 memorials dedicated to the Russian-Turkish Liberation War. Pleven enjoys the hottest summers in Bulgaria and the coldest winters. The region is ideal for eco and spa tourism and is quickly asserting itself as an ideal place for a holiday or investment.

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Kardzhali, the Crossroads of Civilisation

the recently restored fountainKardzhali is a town with distinctive natural phenomena and a rich historical and cultural legacy. It is unique in the fact that its population of over 45,000 is predominantly made up of Bulgarian Turks who regardless of religious differences live side by side in peace and harmony. Kardzhali is an eye-catching town close to many interesting sites; it is also the administrative and commercial centre of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

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smyadovoSmyadovo is a town in the Shumen province of eastern Bulgaria, with a population of just over 4 000. The town of Smyadovo is located at the foot of the eastern Balkan Mountains, lying on the south eastern Danube plain.

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Pazadzhik, Proud and Prosperous

beautiful, green and cleanThe beautiful town and provincial capital of Pazadzhik lies serenely on the lush green banks of the Maritsa River at an altitude of 205 m. It is home to 95,485 people. Its busy pedestrianised centre is made up of a series of spacious squares, which are now home to numerous boutiques and cafes. Indeed this is a town with a strong European café culture with many boutique coffee shops and pavement seating, which attracts hundreds of the towns young as well as business people and visitors.

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Haskovo, City of the Blessed Virgin Mary

a hidden gemTucked away in southern Bulgaria close to the Greek and Turkish borders, the pretty town of Haskovo lies in the Thracian valley on the River Maritsa. It is set in greenery surrounded by rugged hills with the Sakar Mountain and the Eastern Rhodopes as impressive backdrops.

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Targovishte, the Old Marketplace

the town park Once an ancient market town, Targovishte is on first sight not the most attractive of Bulgarian cities. It lies on the Danube Plain in the north east of Bulgaria and is a regional and municipal centre. As you approach the town, the rough urban feel contrasts with the steep hills and fertile, green plains, but this is an area famed for its agricultural and wine production. First impressions are deceiving here, the town centre is extremely pleasant with some great historical buildings and the surrounding area offers many forests abundant with wild animals, artificial lakes ideal for recreation and some spectacular countryside.

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The Tourist Town of Tryavna

tryavna 1The tourist town of Tryavna is situated along the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains in central Bulgaria, halfway between Sofia and Varna.

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Silistra Bulgaria, the Port Town on the Danube

modern silistraSilistra,Bulgaria is a bustling port on the River Danube in the north east of Bulgaria. It is an attractive, peaceful town located on a series of terraces close to the point where the river joins Romanian territory. Silistra is surrounded by green hills, which provide some picturesque views over the town and the river islands and across to Romania’s enormous Wallachian Plain. The town lies in one of the country’s most fertile areas thanks to its warm climate and in spring the area is full of delicious, ripe cherry and apricot orchards.

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