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The City of Seven Hills -Plovdiv

plovdivfountainPlovdiv,a beautiful city stooped in ancient history, sits proudly on the banks of the Maritsa River occupying seven hills with the Rhodope Mountains as a backdrop. It lies in southernBulgaria and is the country's second-largest city with a population of 378,107. It is also the administrative centre of Plovdiv Province and used to be the biggest and most significant city in Northern Thrace.

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Dobrich And Surrounding Areas

dobrichshoppingDobrich lies in the most eastern part of the Danube plain in the fertile flat lands of the Dobrudzha Plateau, a region strangely reminiscent of the Cheshire Plains. Dobrich is Bulgaria's eighth largest town and is a municipal region covering 92 km of the Northern coastline as far down as Albena. The region as a whole is one of the least populated areas in Bulgaria.

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Sofia Part 2 - Places Of Special Interest

sofiacathedralThe city is a cultural treasure trove with some spectacular places of interest like the also offers many places of special interest such as the St Cyril and Methodius National Library, which is home to the country's largest collection of books.

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Sofia A Guide Part One

sofiacathedralSofia is an up and coming, exciting and vibrant capital with much to offer in the way of culture and entertainment. The city centre contains some delightful and impressive architecture with some classic Eastern European and Stalinist examples like the National History Museum and the Ivan Vazov Theatre.

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The city, my kind of place

sofia bulgaria, shabby chic and future optimismI have a fondness for Sofia after living there for four years. The extremes of the town are evident with horse and cart beside Porsches and Mercedes: the poverty of some areas compared with the rich items for sale on Vitosha Boulevard.

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Marvellous Montana

montana centreSurrounded by hills at the start of the Balkan Range and the flatlands at the beginning of the Danube Plain, Montana in North West Bulgaria is home to 46,727 people. It lies serenely on the banks of the River Ogosta next to Ogosta Dam at a crossroads between two major European transport corridors; the E4, which connects with Western Europe and the E7 connecting with the Danube and Romania. It is also close to the port of Lom, the Danube’s second largest port and a major link between Western Europe and Russia.
The area is blessed with plenty of mineral spas and the dam lakes of Ogosta and Sretchenska bara. Montana itself is an attractive town sporting a long and rich history; its people are welcoming, the environment clean and it offers much in the way of entertainment and recreation. The surrounding villages are lost in time to an era when man was at one with the land and nature and provide the perfect example of rural Bulgaria.

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Yambol and Elhovo

The Municipality of Elhovo can be found in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria. Hotel in ElhovoBordering in the south east with Turkey, the area takes in part of the middle valley of the Tundzha River, with its hilly lowland areas, and low mountains. The Tundzha River forms a pretty canyon between the Sakar Mountain and the Dervent Elevations as it flows through the low mountains in the southern part of the region. This area is particularly attractive due to the winding roads and steep valleys.


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