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Ruse City - Bulgaria

neo classical architecture in rousse bulgariaLooking for a property, second home overseas or just wanting a holiday? Take a journey back in time: to magnificent Ruse city in the north eastern area of Bulgaria ...

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Lom - Ancient Town on the Danube

central square lomdanube at lomLom is an average sized Bulgarian town located on the banks of the River Danube in the country’s North Western region of Montana.

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Kyustendil, Bulgaria’s Orchard

bulgaria's fruit gardenKyustendil lies in the Kyustendil Plain in the south west of the country close to the Macedonian border and is home to 46,882 people. It is an area famed for its hot mineral springs and fruit growing in particular its plums, cherries and apples, which have given rise to its nickname “Bulgaria’s Orchard.” Its Mediterranean climate means that it has many hours of sunshine throughout the year and is perfect for year round tourism. Its location is completely awesome, enveloped by the Osogovo and Konyavo Mountains at 482 m above sea level and lying on the banks of the tranquil Banska River, it is surrounded by fertile plains and striking canyons.

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Shumen:The Horseshoe of Culture

a rich historyShumen was founded 3,200 years ago lies in the north eastern Bulgaria, 80 km west of Varna and 301 km from Sofia. It has a population of 88, 966 inhabitants and in ancient times it was home to many rich cultures including the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and early Bulgarians. It is surrounded by hills, which form a horseshoe shape enveloping the city to the west and north with a rocky, narrow valley running through the centre of this formation. Present day Shumen is home to some classic examples of communist architecture; the main boulevard is lined with impressive civic buildings built during this period. The surrounding countryside is truly spectacular and also with so many neighbouring cliffs it’s a popular place for paragliding. The area surrounding the city is rich in historical significance; the first two capitals of the Bulgarian nation, Pliska and Veliki Preslav and the religious centre Madara lie close to the city.

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The hidden gem called Plovdiv

plovdiv in bulgaria, hidden gemPlovdiv City is found in the province of Plovdiv and is the second largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia. Even though Plovdiv is the second city in Bulgaria, if you ask any number of people outside of the country they are likely to say they have not heard of the city; or, if they have, do not know anything about the great past of Plovdiv. Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe; it is actually older than well known cities in Europe such as Rome or Constantinople.

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Pernik, the Old Fortress Town

pernik centreStraddling both banks of the Struma River in the beautiful Pernik Valley, Pernik is the capital of the municipality of the same name. It has a population of 91,883.

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A City Visit To Stara Zagora

starazagoraThe often overlooked city of Stara Zagora is situated in the central region of Southern Bulgaria near the Bedachka river, covering the northern fields of the upper Thracian plain and the southern hills of the Sarnenea Sredna Gora mountain. The city offers the visitor many hidden charms. Leafy boulevards, children's play areas and well-tended parks filled with greenery, beautiful flowers, as well as many ancient Roman remains, water fountains and the scent of the Lime and Linden trees.

It is a city of poets, writers, artists and magic often overlooked by most travelers to Bulgaria. Its proximity to the Balkan range provides many opportunities for the photographer, hiker, hunter or fishing enthusiast.

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A Stay In Sevlievo

statueoflibertySevlievo is a town situated in north-central Bulgaria, 178 km from the capital city of Sofia and 283 km from Varna.

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A Visit To Blagoevgrad

blagoevgradBlagoevgrad lies at the foot of the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria,100 km from the city of Sofia.It borders Macedonia to the west and Greece to the south.

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The Charming Town of Sliven

dollstheatreAt the foot of a beautiful, rough mountain range and at the confluence of the Rivers Novoselska, Selishtna and Asenovska lies the charming town of Sliven.

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