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The Tourist Town of Tryavna

The tourist town of Tryavna is situated along the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains in central Bulgaria, halfway between Sofia and Varna.

The town is a popular tourist spot and is well equipped with modern hotels and restaurants; and has a good road network linking buses and trains throughout Bulgaria. Tryavna's attractions include architectural and historical buildings from the Renaissance period, traditional crafts including rug making, woodcarving, and icon painting.


Tryavna has signs of human settlement from as early as the 18th century, and by the late 19th century had become involved with developing crafts. The main reason due to the town's position with surrounding hills, flowing rivers and gorges made farming difficult. With the abundance of wood from the surrounding forests resulted in arts and crafts being developed by the locals that enabled Tryavna to prosper economically.

‘The Tryavna School' of traditional Art is one of Bulgaria's oldest established and thrived from the 17thcentury until the end of the 19th century. Skills and traditions were passed from fathers to sons and whole families became involved with art. The heirs of medieval Bulgarian Orthodox developed and modernised traditions, some of the first artists from Tryavna went to work in the old capital city of Tarnovo. Other representatives of the school worked in religious paintings, wood carvings and architect and covered north and south-east Bulgaria and Romania. Many individual families concentrated exclusively on Icons, wood carvings and church furniture each developing their own style. Artist's work since this time has become popular amongst the Ottoman Empire, Romania, Russia and Serbia.

The first factory opened in 1883 producing woollen textiles, other industries followed later producing furniture, textiles and woodwork. Traditional hand crafts including braid and lace making, fleece and rug making followed.
Tryavna has fresh mountain air and a good climate so this prompted the sanatorium for lungs and respiratory conditions to open in 1944 in neighbouring village of Plachkovtsi.


Tourism has developed through the years with the historical attractions, preserved architecture museums and churches and of course the famous art work. Here are a few of the important monuments in Tryavna when out and about...

Captain Diado Nikola Square - The town square with authentic revival architect.

The Clock Tower and Old Bridge - Built in the 18th century and still functions.

Popangelov House -The oldest monument from the 18th century.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary -A national monument

Museum of Asian and African Art - Situated in an old public bath situated on the river.

Voneshta Voda Village - is a resort that is popular for its mineral springs with healing qualities.

Bulgarka Natural Park - Covers most of Tryavnas Municiple and includes famous rockformations Vikana, Muhnatite and Stolitsa.

Tryavna is a great place to visit with plenty to see, and has great restaurants and taverns to sample great Bulgarian food and stay at the numerous hotels, private lodgings and villas.