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A Stay In Sevlievo

Sevlievo is a town situated in north-central Bulgaria, 178 km from the capital city of Sofia and 283 km from Varna.

Sevlievo is one of the wealthiest towns in Bulgaria due to the influence of foreign investors, in particular American Standard factories. It has created high employment and therefore a good economy and is well developed.

It is located in a mountain valley set in the Stara Planina mountain range, has peaks reaching 1900 m. It has a wide diversity of terrain with wooded areas and hills. The area has a wide variation of temperatures ranging from + 30 to + 35 in summers to - 20 to -25 in the winter. The huge area of forest in the southern parts provides important water resources, with two major Rositsa River and Vidima River which flows near to the town. The common water helps to fill the Alexandra Stambolivski reservoir, which is the largest reservoir in Bulgaria.
The natural resources of the area provides timber for industrial and household use, farmland producing crops and typical to this geographical area and water industrial and irrigation uses.

History of Sevlievo

Earliest traces of life date back to 8th century BC, where some Thracian tombs still exist and the Hotalich Fortress was the last medieval town that had been inhabited for over 1 000 years. It is located 4 km from Sevlievo and was only discovered by accident in the 1970's by workers. It was a defence facility and was used to protect the country from assaults from the north.

Traces later include 15th century existence where the village produced timber, it was later found under the name Selvi which derives from the local vegetation and where the present name originates from today in 1618.

The town was completely destroyed by fire by Kurdzhalii (Turkish brigands) in 1798. But it recovered quickly and became a well developed administrative and cultural centre with the development of schools, churches and a clock tower plus the production of crafts including woodwork, leather processing, tailoring and weaving. It's most famous for its silkworm breeding and silk that made it famous with other neighbouring countries. By the 19th century the town became wealthy from the development of its crafts and through travel across the Ottoman Empire, Europe and Russia enriched knowledge.

Places to visit

The town museum built in 1844 - situated in the Hadzhi Stoyanov's school, in the town centre.
The clock tower built during 1877 - 1879 in the centre of the town. It still has original architecture and stands 18 m high.
Saint Prophet Iliya Church built in 1834, in the centre houses valuable carved wooden iconostasis.
The Holy Trinity Church built in 1870, also in the town centre.
A stone bridge that crosses the river Rositsa was built during 1857 - 1858.
The Monument to Freedom built in 1894 in the centre of town, was designed by Otto Horeishi and Arnoldo Zocci Italian sculptures, with the pillars of the monument made of original stone from the Roman town of Nikopolis and the figure was made in Vienna. Restored and open to visitors today.

Other places of interest

South of Sevlievo is the Batoshevo Monastery of the Assumption of Mary, which has a display of carvings and icons from the Bulgarian revival.

The fortress 4 km from the medieval city is a preserved with small church and housing.
The nearby village of Rositza hosts the famous Sevlievo Motocross track. The track has won various awards and in the past has been held the first round of the championship. It is a relatively new track and is abour 5 km from the town of Sevlievo.

Other interesting towns to visit near to Sevlievo are:

Bozhentsi and Tryavna are both revival towns and have many monuments, churches and places to see. Both towns also have an abuncance of hotels, guest houses and restaurants.

Dryanovo Monastery, Troyan Monastery and Sokolski Monastery are also within this area and are famous Bulgarian tourist attractions.


Places to Stay

The Rositsa Hotel in the town centre, 1 Svoboda Square.

Sevlievo Plaza Hotel in the centre, 10 Svoboda Square, Sevlievo,

There are plenty of restaurants serving delicious tradtional Bulgarian cuisine including:
Royal restaurant in the town centre at 10 Slavianska street,which opens all day.
Loven Dom Restaurant which is situated on the right of the Rositsa river

Getting there

Bulgaria offers good transport links the bus station on Stoyan Buchvarov street, telephone 0675 3628,3627,3625,has regular connections from the surrounding cities of Sofia, Gabrovo, Apriltsi, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, and Troyan,

Images provided by - Edal Anton Lefterov