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A City Visit To Stara Zagora


Where to Stay 

Vereya Hotel - Located in the middle of downtown and the largest hotel in the city. It is renowned for its style and luxury.

Zagorka Lake - Situated on a beautiful lake in the north-eastern part of town, the hotel has 60 beds and 4 apartments, lakeside restaurant, cafe, conference facilities for 150 people, and a secured parking area.

Eating and Drinking

Stara Zagora is a city with a wide range of culinary delights ranging from traditional Bulgarian mehana food, ethnic food to gourmet cuisine. Chefs here take advantage of the cornucopia of locally grown fruits and vegetables augmented by locally produced wines.


Mehana Chevermet - Located in the Complex Ezeroto, not far from Stara Zagora's Railway Station. It has an impressive garden extending onto a small island in the middle of an artificial lake. It is laid out on several terraces, with wood dominating the
interior. The menu offers a variety of choices and the live band will keep your spirits up during your stay.
Krim - Tastefully designed furnishings in pastel shades with discreet lighting. Excellent menu. Only 100 metres from the Vereya Hotel.
Sans Souci - Housed in the building of Alliance Francaise, near Ayazmoto Park. Its summer garden nestles under the blossoms of exotic trees. The menu offers a mixture of Bulgarian and French dishes. The meat specialities are prepared in the restaurant's fireplace. Customers are kings here and the chefs are willing to take orders for dishes prepared to your own recipes. A selection of good wines.

Typical architectureSkalite - A uniquely designed pizza restaurant / mehana with a winter garden. With its stone and wood interior, Skalite echoes Italian boutique restaurants. The pizzas and the salads are always good but the rest of the menu is also worth exploring;
grilled meats, shish kebabs and meats prepared on a hot clay stone.

Venezia - Fantastic food and ambience with excellent service. Inside the restaurant, you can view ancient Roman ruins. If this does not whet your appetite, a glass window into the kitchen allows you to watch the chef cook your meal. Recommended dish: the Chicken Fillet.

Restaurant Uniqato - Located in the hotel of the same name, the luxurious restaurant offers a rich list of European, with an accent on Italian, specialities and the large list of wines makes the choice difficult. Book ahead as the restaurant is often fully booked.
Zlaten Luv - The interior is a mixture of past and present, of folklore elements with a modern influence. It is inhabited by history: the window shutters, the heavy gate, the vine trellis and the stone water fountain all carry the charm of days gone by. The chef's masterful dishes are prepared to ‘long-forgotten recipes'. Look at the stylish Revival-style balcony with its cast-iron balustrade and the paintings on the walls, which tell the story of the town's artisan life.


The cafe culture has a tremendous significance in Bulgarian life. Stara Zagora's numerous cafes provide good conversation, great coffee as well as many other beverages and snacks.

Get a taste of Stara Zagoran café culture at the Malibu, Lagos or Paralax Cafes.

The Adonay Café is a local favourite and features delicious ice cream and fruit fare.


Show Bar Select - A great place to hang out during the day or night. It has a moody ambience. There are two bars with pictures of famous people. It has a small Hard Rock Cafe feel to it.
Absolut - A spectacular mix of light, colours and materials. Dance and retro plays and the bar is open until the small hours. The army of waiters and bartenders display New York skill and flare. In addition to quality drinks and cocktails, the bar also has a snack food menu.
Bu'atee - An authentic Moroccan bar located in central Stara Zagora. It also offers an excellent restaurant serving Moroccan food. The bar serves exotic cocktails and plays a variety of pop music. There is also a separate VIP room. Enjoy a glass of delicious wine on the soft low couches or try a traditional Moroccan hookah, a water pipe with scented tobacco.

Modern CentreClubs

Club 33 - A popular club with an eclectic, red, white and graphite interior design. To one side of the main area, there is a VIP corner where the floors are decorated with giant fish tanks. The music is retro and house and there is a good selection of local and foreign DJ's taking control of the sound system during the weekend. The list of quality liquor and alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails is impressive.
Cosmopolitan - With a capacity of 500 and a central location, this is one of the most popular clubs in Stara Zagora. The club is laid out on two levels, with a separate bar and VIP area. State of the art sound, lighting, and guest performances by top Bulgarian and foreign DJs. Well known Bulgarian pop and folk singers, dancers and dance groups also perform here. There is also a spacious garden area with palm trees and stylish furniture during the summer months.
Phobia - Located in the Vereya Hotel Complex. Every night there is a different musical theme; every thing from techno, tribal and progressive to Latino.


Stara Zagora offers a unique and diverse shopping experience with a wide range of shops fully equipped to cater to the needs of both visitors and locals. Tsar Simeon Veliki, the main shopping street has a pedestrian walkway lined with sidewalk cafes.

The Central Market is quite simply one of those joyful experiences you can find in Stara Zagora. As you walk between the stalls, your senses will be awakened by the smells, tastes, sounds, vision and lively atmosphere created by the interaction between stallholders, customers and browsers. Locally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, locally produced Bulgarian honey, cheeses and eggs, and a myriad of locally grown flowers grace the tables.