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Lom - Ancient Town on the Danube

Lom is an average sized Bulgarian town located on the banks of the River Danube in the country’s North Western region of Montana.

This pretty town with its population of around 22000 inhabitants covers 52.2 km2. Lom is in common with most Bulgarian towns steeped in history.
Before being christened Lom, the town was named Artenes by the Thracians. The Romans renamed Lom in 29AC and it was then known as Almus which is believed to be taken from the name of the nearby river of the same name. The Romans built the Castle Almus  during this time and a road was constructed for which the castle was situated on. The town became known as Lom during the 700sAC.



Lom is known for its working port and harbor on the right bank of the Danube river, however there is plenty to do in Lom with activities on the river including water sports, fishing, picnics and swimming. The town offers a selection of great restaurants serving local cuisine and in mid September of each year the residents of Lom hold the famous motor fair.
The nearby remains of the Asbaruh Bridge is a major attraction in the area and well worth the short drive out of Lom.

Investing in Lom

Lom has a good selection of real estate offers and investing here could be financially beneficial due to the amount of employees which the ports has, and this offers the potential to supply the needs of short and long term property rentals. Being situated at only 163km from the capital city of Sofia is also good reason to consider investing in Lom.