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Smyadovo is a town in the Shumen province of eastern Bulgaria, with a population of just over 4 000. The town of Smyadovo is located at the foot of the eastern Balkan Mountains, lying on the south eastern Danube plain.

It was first declared in early Ottoman times, but eventually stated a town in 1969. Smyadova can be found in the north east of the Shumen district, and consists of one town, and 9 surrounding villages. The terrain is mainly a combination of flat plains and hilly areas. There are road links that connect Smyadova with Shumen with other districts including Silistra, and the major city of Burgas, and it is only 25 km from the main Sofia/Varna road.

The main region is dominated by agriculture, which helps towards the environmental protection within the area of Smyadova, so the region is set in beautiful landscape and has rivers and forests within it. These help to make the location a great spot for such activities as fishing, hunting, hiking and rural tourism.

The region of Smyadova is nestled at the foot of the slopes of the eastern Stara Planina. Many archaeological finds have been unearthed in the area of the town that prove the existence of life for thousands of years. Actual research has proven that the area has been inhabited by humans since around 3000 B.C. Just 6 years ago a stunning historical Thracian vault was discovered dating back from the 4th Century, and an inscription on this states the era. Fortresses and other unique exhibits have also been excavated, and are an interesting attraction in the area.

The city of Shumen is close by and is famed for many historical sites such as the Shumen Fortress, Tombul Mosque and a cubist style monument with 1300 steps that signify the 1300 years of existence in Bulgaria. The centre of the town has a number of interesting things to see and do with a Museum, theatre and a concert hall which has regular symphony performances. The area is famed for its Shumensko Brewery, which is a very popular beer in Bulgaria. Shumen Plato National park is a great place to visit and has stunning scenery to explore.

The town of Smyadovo is well developed with ample amenities including plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, a bank, medical centre, post office and a church as well as regular bus and train stations.

A river flows through the town of Smyadovo, which is good for relaxing and attracts fishermen.

The town of Smyadovo is only 29 km from the main town of Shumen, and for more outdoor recreation the Ticha dam lake is only a distance of 43 km.