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The Town Of Lilacs - Lovech

lilacLovech is known as The Town of Lilacs due to the vast number of huge, beautiful lilac bushes which grow in Stratesh Park and which can be seen from everywhere in the town.

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Blagoevgrad - Bulgarian Macedonia

shoppingDistant mountain peaks, the ripple of the rivers and a stunning centre rich in 19th century architecture - this is Blagoevgrad, which lies serenely in the southwest of Bulgaria at the foot of the Rila and Pirin Mountains on the banks of the Blagoevdradska Bistritsa River. Two further rivers, the Struma and the Mesta, run close by and provide major transport corridors.

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The 14 Museum Towns of Bulgaria

bansko one of the fourteen museum townsBulgaria boasts fourteen Museum Towns which are ‘showcases’ for houses built in the National Revival style of the 18th and 19th Century. These are towns where the past seems to come alive and are full of beauty and architectural style. It is very strange how they have come to be called ‘Museum Towns’ as this would suggest a cheerless, colourless and dull atmosphere whereas this could not be further from the truth. The towns are lively, active and inspiring places, full of life.

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Rabisha Lake and Magura Cave

rabishalakeThe Rabisha Lake is situated between two villages called ‘Tolovitsa' and ‘Rabisha' in the Belogradchik municipality of Bulgaria; approximately 40 km from Vidin and north west of Sofia .

This fresh water lake is the largest in Bulgaria with an area of 1 sq km.

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