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Wind down in Relaxing Resovo

The untouched village of Rezovo is the most Southern location on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

It is in the region of Tsarevo, 103 km from Bourgas, the closest major city and airport.



Rezovo is 11km from Sinemorets, 17km from Ahtopol and 36km from Lozenets. It is in the border zone of Bulgaria with Turkey. In the South from that point is the Valley of Rezovska River with outstanding rocky terrain and a number of rapid currents.


The village is extremely rich with an old historic past, which is demonstrated by the Thracian necropolis in the Selski Dol region. Just a few kilometres from the village is the remains of the small old fort Kastritsion. From history the name of the village is linked with the particular name of Thracian ruler Rezos, who was part of the Trojan War.

In the past Rezovo was a fishing village, which traded wood material and horticultural merchandise for the Ottoman Empire. It was much greater than now, however due to attacks from pirates it moved further from the coast and throughout the Ilinden-Preobrazhen uprising was practically ruined by fire.


There are around 70 occupants who live in the village at present, however in light of the nature within the area and tranquillity the number is expanding. Throughout the previous years it has started attracting outside interest, and is an appealing tourist region and property hotspot.

The route to the village goes through the scenic woodland, where bays with clear water and sand can be found. It is a truly beautiful area to explore and in a stunning setting.

Separated from the Kastritsion woodland, an alternate fascination in the area is the delightful vacation spot of Silistar Beach which is around 1km long and 50m wide. This is where Silistar River pours into the sea. It provides exceptional living conditions for different vegetation and wildlife species. It is 4-5 km from Rezovo in the protected zone of the Strandja Nature Park. This is the main reason the region is still wild and natural and not commercialised. Regardless of this tourists can effortlessly access Rezovo by car. The safe beach has ample parking for visitors. Just a few kilometres from Silistar through the eco routes sightseers can uncover more untouched challenging nature and gain entrance to lovely Lipite Beach.

There is the village church – "St. Constantine and Elena", which was constructed in the twentieth century and is still in excellent condition today.

Rezovo offers fascinating opportunities for its tourists. They can enjoy the outdoors and the rivers, the nature and the coast. Activities to take part in include hiking, fishing, and a boat ride cruising along the Veleka River or ride a horse. The grounds adjacent are where there is a horse riding club, where the novices will be taught by professionals. There are numerous coves, which are suitable for naturists to sunbathe.

Holiday makers can stay in the neighbourhood "Villa Rezovo", which has glorious views to the coast and offers all adequate amenities for its visitors. The local hotel "Rezovo" has great facilities and offers amazing sights to the Turkish bay, Rezovo River and Strandja Mountain. There are likewise other private rooms, lodgings and a well supplied shop. Tourists can purchase freshly caught fish from the nearby fishermen on the River Veleka. Rezovo is a fantastic destination for those seeking a laid back holiday in a quieter location.