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Skiing In Borovets

The oldest resort dating back to the year of 1896. Today Borovetz is the biggest, first-class mountain resort in Bulgaria.

Situated at 1350m above the sea level on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain among age-old pine woods, Borovetz is located at the foot of peak Mussala (2925m) - the highest one on the Balkan Peninsula. It is easily accessible, being at a distance of 73km from Sofia and 126km from Plovdiv. The town of Samokov is only 10km down the road from the resort. There is regular bus transport to them, the buses to Samokov running every 30 minutes. Climate

It's pleasantly cool here in summer (the average July temperature is 15,2oC) and the winter is mild and snowy (the average January temperature being 4.8oC) The air in Borovetz is crystal-clear and totally free of any pollutants.
The perfect opportunities for practising winter sports attract thousands of fans of the mountains from Bulgaria and from abroad.
The resort twice hosted World Cup Alpine skiing rounds, while the biathlon track is one of the best in the world.
Skiing conditions

Over 45 km of ski runs varying in difficulty grouped in 3 regions: Sitnyakovo, Yastrebets ans Markoudjik .
The slopes and runs are maintained in perfect condition and are designed with international markings and multilingual signs.
The ski runs of Borovets are located in three different regions.
Two subregions - SITNYAKOVO with 4 ski runs (1 of medium difficulty and 3 difficult ones) and MARTINOVI BARAKI with 4 difficult ski runs form the first region which has a total length of 19km. The difficult ski runs are used for slaloming while in their lower parts there are special runs for beginners.
The second region - YASTREBETS includes 3 ski runs (1 very difficult and 2 difficult ones) with a total length of 13 km which are used for international competitions.
MARKOUDJIK, the third region, is the highest in the mountain at 2550 m above sea level with the longest-lasting snow cover and is the slope where the skiing season starts and ends. It has 4 difficult ski runs. One of them, the MARKUDJIK-3 run, has been approved by the International Skiing Federation for giant slalom competitions.
Cross-country and biathlon tracks are located 2 km away from the resort together with the cross-country tuition tracks. The runs for the ski jumps are 75 and 50 m long and are serviced by a chair lift.

Since 2002 two of the ski tracks - 2 and 3 -Martinovi Baraki work night-time every day . All lifts work as well. If there is not enough snow, snow cannons work too.
There are lots of new things during the last years in Borovets. The ex one- man chair lift became a brand- new four- man chair lift. This will help begginners and nature- lovers to use a somehow forgotten part of Rila Mountains- the Sitnyakovo region. The nature is picturesque, the pistes are easy to manage and going down takes about 20 minutes following the curves of a pleasently winding road. The other old lift known as "Kotva", which was going up to Yasterebts 2 slope also became a new four- man chair- lift. "Yastrebets" 2 and 3 ski- runs are now easy reachable."Yastrebets" 3 is perfect for intermidiate skiers who are already bored of the baby slopes, and Yastrebets 2 is a run for professionals who would like to let the devil out and fully feel the speed. The rooms at the "Samokov" and "Olymp" hotels have been absolutely refurbished, the "Rila" hotel changed the windows' joinery, the "Lion" /ex Sokolets/ has been fully rebuilt. The pistes in front of Rila hotel are broadened.

Ski Area

Total Kms of Piste: 40kms
Easy Runs: 7
Intermediate Runs: 15
Difficult Runs: 2

Number of Lifts: 15 (1 gondola,
3 chairlifts, 10 draglifts, 1 T-Bar)
Uphill capacity / hr: 8,650
Direction of Slopes: N, N/E, N/W
Longest Run: 5kms


A great resort for beginners with a high standard of English speaking instruction and gentle nursery slopes, just beside the Rila Complex and barely three minutes' walk from the Hotel Samokov and our chalet.

Borovets is a very good resort for intermediates. The well-planned lift system includes the 3-mile, six-person Yastrebets gondola, which opens up a wealth of enjoyable runs.

For the expert skier there is the testing World Cup run, one of the more challenging pistes in the Yastrebets area or the excellent skiing through the trees and off-piste.

Snowboard Guide
Borovets is one of the highest rideable areas in Europe with some well varied terrain. There are 45 kms of piste split into three areas with open pistes and some fun lines through the trees. The best spots to head for are those above 2500m and the runs under the gondola.

Child care - Children between 2 and 4 years old can attend the Rila Hotel kinergarden (working hours: 9a.m. - 4.30p.m. and 7p.m. - 7a.m.). Children from 4 to 7 years old can be enrolled in the skiing kindergarden, located in the neighbourhood of the Rila Hotel (working hours: 9a.m. - 4.30p.m.)

The Borovetz ski school of international prestige and long-standing traditions has more than 200 ski instructors, all of them fluent in different languages. Skiing classes come in 5 difficulty levels, from A to E - in groups or individually - 4 hours per day, 6 or 12 days. All course graduates receive skiing certificates.

Borovetz has ten ski rental services, situated next to the lift station around the ski runs. They offer 7000 sets of skiing equipment from the world famous companies, as well as toboggans, sledges, etc. Skiers can also leave their own equipment for safekeeping there.
The cabin cableway to the peak of Yastrebets is the most imposing one. Its capacity adds up to 1200 people per hour. The journey takes 23min. Hiking trails may be undertaken from Borovets along marked routes to various sites in Rila - to mount Mussala 6 hours.

Super Borovets Project

A total of EUR 400 million will be needed for implementation of the project for development of Bulgaria's Borovets resort, called "Super Borovets".
The increasing of the hotel capacity in Borovets will create additional 10 000 beds. The project includes also construction of new ski racing tracks, lifts, winter stadium, aquapark, car parks, restaurants, a golf ground, and an ethnographic complex.
In 2009 Borovets will look much different from today - the resort will spread from the town of Samokov to the village of Beli Iskar and will be divided into three levels, offering accommodation according to the financial status of the tourists.

Several New Ski Runs

After the reconstruction and the expansion of the resort, the lifts will transport 35 000 tourists for 90 minutes. Two new cable cars, numerous other ski- and tow-lifts, as well as a covered stadium are just part of the equipment to be constructed.
Several additional ski runs will also be constructed in Borovets.
Apres ski

Restaurants: The number of taverns, eat-in pubs, take away joints and outdoor restaurants is growing in Borovets every season. The choice has become very eclectic, from Kentucky Fried Chicken and pizza to Chinese. Establishments like 'The Hungry Horse' cater deliciously for British tastes. Other recommendations are Mamacita's on the main shopping street where the steaks are legendary, and White Magic, opposite the Samokov Hotel, with good food and a great atmosphere. Visitors should not forget to indulge in some of the Bulgarian fine wines along with their dinner.

Nightlife: Every night is party time in Borovets, which has a reputation for being one of the 'hotspots' for nightlife on the European ski circuit. The fun is fuelled by the fact that drinks are cheap, there are long happy hours and sometimes drinks are even offered for free. All the bars, clubs and discos serve the well-known international brands as well as local beers like Astika, Zagorka and Kamenitza. Beware the national drink, Rakia: it is rather strong! Recommended party palaces are Club Slide in the Hotel Mura, the renowned Buzz Bar, favoured by Brits, and the Black Tiger karaoke bar.

Toboggans, swimming pools, saunas, fitness center, billiard, table tennis, bowling, and much more - a trip with a sledge, a ski view with a helicopter, etc. are available for your leisure pleasure. Ski-doo is a total must experience ! Pay 20 Levs per person and enjoy a wild ride driven by yourself through the
snow covered pine forests.

The Bulgarian folklore evenings are an exclusive attraction you must not miss, featuring folk rhythms and dances while tasting native Bulgarian cuisine and world famous Bulgarian wines will surely make you their fan for life. Another choice is to visit Bulgarian family and taste the local specialties in a genuine environment.

The Ski Patrol provides a round-the-clock emergency service. It is organized in four teams fully equipped with all the necessary equipment including helicopter if needed. It is based at the first station of the cable lift.

Office in the mountain
The Rila Hotel has three conference halls with capacity of up to 200 seats, Internet connection and state-of-the-art presentation technology. Loosen your ties and invite your partners amidst the serenity of the mountain. The Rila Hotel will provide perfect conditions for organizing business meetings, personnel training and team-building programs.
Trips and Excursions

Borovetz offers scores of scenic routes, including many ski-routes, in groups leaded by experience guides. The organized trips lead to picturesque spots in the Rila Mountain like Seven Rila lakes, peak Malyovitsa, peak Moussala, etc. A photo safari and a visit to the Bulgarian kings residence of Bistritsa are also regularly organized. Various trips to different tourist attractions throughout Bulgaria are offered as well. Trips to Melnik with its unique pyramids and famous wines, to Sofia, Plovdiv and Rila Monastery are among the most interesting ones.

Tips and Warnings

Credit cards and travellers cheques are not that popular in Borovets, so you will most probably use cash for paying your bills most of the time. One of the places to obtain cash either via withdrawing it from an ATM or exchanging your currency for Bulgarian one is the office of HVB Bank Biochim. The office is on the main road right across the gondola lift. If you have a look at the picture you will not miss it when you get there. Here is the phone number of the office: +359 (7128) 2204.

Accessing Internet might be an expensive pleasure. In general this service a bit overpriced in Borovets compared to the rest of the country. Usually in Sofia you would pay BGN 1 per hour for a very good club where the computers and the connection are fast. In Borovets the connection is not that fast and the place is charging BGN 5 per hour. If we ignore the price and the fact that the connection is a bit slow, the Internet club on the picture is nice. It is cosy with good computers and a snack bar. The other good thing is that they have very good collection of movies you can watch there. You will find the club when you go up the street that leads from Samokov to Rila hotel. It will be on your right hand side and is much closer to Samokov hotel than to Rila. When you see the house on the picture walk on the green path that goes along side and you will find the door to happiness if you are Internet addicted!

You can choose to travel to Borovets either by bus or by car.

By bus: Every 30 minutes, a bus/minibus departs for Samokov from South Bus Station (Avtogara Yug). In about an hour the bus arrives at Samоkov Bus Station. There you can take a van for Borovetz every 15 minutes. In Borovets, the van stops in front of Hotel Samokov. You can take the van back to Samokov in front of Hotel Ela.

By car: If you choose to travel by car you have to take the following rout: Sofia – Gorublyane – Pancharevo – Samokov - Borovets. The resort offers enough parking spots. The largest guarded parking is situated by the entrance to the resort. The Rila and Samokov hotels also have parking areas guarded round the clock. The smaller hotels have parking space too.