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Life On The Black Sea

Are you tired of living with a dreary British climate?

Do you yearn for an outdoor life in the sun? Have you considered living on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast? If you need convincing as to the reasons why investing in this effervescent area of Bulgaria is the answer to your prayers here are our Top Ten reasons to live on the Black Sea coast...

Sun and blue skies. The beauty of the coastal climate is that you are not subject to year round heat but you can expect six months of hot weather,which will allow you to swim and enjoy life outdoors. For the rest of the year there is a brief winter period, which brings a smattering of snow and plenty of blue skies. The rest of the time, it's lovely and warm and you can eat your lunch on your patio in March.

Splash out. Living so close to the sea can be a dream come true for many people, especially with the advantage of being able to enjoy a variety of sports from sailing and jet skiing to scuba diving and paragliding. Many expats choose to buy their own boats and skies to avoid expensive hire costs. If you have ever dreamed of owning a swimming pool this is the place to do it.

Join the boom. The property boom started on the Black Sea and although a slower market than once was there are many great deals here to be had,with  more recently a high proportion of  Russian investors taking advantage of the great offers... It has a host of modern, luxurious new builds, which are still extremely cheap in comparison to what money buys back home and in other countries.

Funk out. The length of the coast there are a host of cities and beach resorts, which offer an exciting nightlife. Take your pick of beachside restaurants offering a vast array of international cuisine, lively bars, vibrant nightclubs and pop concerts.

Heaven for culture vultures. Bask in the long lost world of the Thracians or learn about the struggle during the National Revival. The coast offers a wealth of natural sights like the Aladzha rock monastery and Cape Kaliakra as well as the historic architecture of Nessebur. Cities like Bourgas and Varna offer much in the way of culture like museums, theatres and art galleries.

Shopaholics Paradise. The coast has received much in the way of international investment particularly in the way of large new shopping malls. The beach resorts also have plenty of shops and stands selling everything from imitation Versace jeans, Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci sandals all at low prices.

A short hop over the border. If you love travel then the coast is ideal. It provides easy access to both the Romanian and Turkish borders. When you live on the continent it is so easy to explore other lands and cultures and with Romania only an hour away from Varna and Turkey two hours from Bourgas, who could afford not to?

Thriving expat community. If you don't want to socialise with another Brit ever again that's possible, but if you would like some link to home then the coast is perfect. The expat community is well established on the coast and there are plenty of English bars and restaurants catering for all tastes.

Healthy living. It's not just the clean air that attracts people with a range of ailments to the Black Sea. Life here generally is far healthier with fresh, organically grown produce, less junk food, more exercise and a choice of mineral spas with healing properties.

Chill out. The pace of life across the coast is much slower than in the UK. People here are relaxed, easy going and helpful. Nothing is a problem that can't be solved. If you seek stress-free living then this is it.