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The Delights of the Black Sea Bulgaria - Sozopol

Sozopol lies 31 km from Bourgas city, and its closest international airport. Located on the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea, a major seaside resort and favoured by thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe every summer until now. A growing number of tourists from other European countries and Russia are discovering the charming former fishing town, steeped in culture and history.



Sozopol is steeped in culture and history; it is the oldest towns on the Black Sea, founded in 610 B.C by the Greeks. Originally a small fishing village, over time it gradually became one of the biggest ports along the Black sea coast. Explorations undersea, have found relics of ceramic pottery,x stone, bone tools and dwelling believed to be dated from the Bronze Age. The anchor is the town's symbol, and situated in the bay are many anchors, proof of shipping from ancient times. The anchor is present on all coins minted by Apolonia since the 6th century B.C. The symbol represents the importance of trade and the town's rich cultural centre.

Ancient icons and woodcarvings demonstrate the craftsmanship of these times. The architecture of the 19th century stone and wooden houses in the old town's cobbled streets is a unique place to visit. Old women still sit and chat and knit laces and sell jams in the ancient town. Strict building controls have ensured the old town keeps its character.

Places To Visit

There are more than 45 monuments to visit in Sozopol and a host of National Revival houses. From the Renaissance period are two ancient churches - St. Zosim Church and The Holy Virgin Church, there is an Archaeology Museum and Art Gallery, and 17th century houses one in particular known as Dimitur Laskaridis that is now an art gallery and another that has been redesigned as a restaurant called ‘Stenata'.

The Coast

The small harbour is filled with fishing boats that supply the restaurants lining the lively promenade that attract people during the tourist season. The quaint old town has numerous gift and souvenir shops to explore with the choice of art, wood carvings, and pottery, leather and lace gifts to take home for family and friends.

The coast is high and rocky, and two sandy beaches can be found in Sozopol. The best beach is 6 km south of Sozopol known as Dyuni, located in an upmarket resort designed by the Austrian. Along the coastal road is the Arkutino swamp with floating lilies, irises and vines that cover an area of 62 hectares. A little further is the Ropotamo river nature reserve. At the end of every summer thousands of birds including pelicans, storks and other species gather to migrate south for the winter.

Places To Stay

There are many guest hotels and private lodgings, bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from during your stay in the old and new part of Sozopol town.
The new town is modern and unlike the old town is open all year. All amenities can be found here plus hotels and apartments, a big choice in terms of price and quality are available and the Radik Hotel and Groudov being the more popular ones. Staying in surrounding towns such as Chernomorets is often a less expensive option as Sozopol prices tend to be high.

Many camp sites can be found within the area, with reasonable services and moderate prices.
If deciding to visit at the start of September book in advance, due to the International music festival, which attracts visitors from all over the country.

Through out the summer in Sozopol there are an abundance of organised festivals and events on.

The Bulgarian summer is relatively short compared to other European destinations, with the holiday season ranging from May to September. Sozopol's busiest months are July and August to visit, however a out of season the town reverts back to a sleepy fishing village.

There are regular bus links between Burgas and Sozopol, and surrounding resorts. Taxi's, private vans and 'boat-taxis' are also available to go Nessebar, Burgas or Varna.