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Bulgaria and its Charming Town Of Obzor

Obzor, Bulgaria is an attractive, peaceful seaside resort with impressive, open beaches, calm, safe sea, clean

mountain air and a picturesque backdrop. It lies in one of the most scenic spots on the northern Black Sea coastline, on the edge of the eastern part of the Balkan Range with the Dvoynitsa River bordering on the north. It sits calmly in a scenic bay between Cape St. Atanas in the north and the outskirts of Emona Mountain in the south.

The picturesque village of Emona has been an archaeological treasure with many ceramic fragments and the remains of fortress walls having been unearthed here.

The Emine Cape is Bulgaria's stormiest cape some 14 km south of the town, a monastery and ruins of a medieval fortress called Emona can also be found here.

Obzor has proved itself as a key tourist area helped by its healthy combination of sea and mountain air. The town has grown rapidly as a beach resort in the last five years and now offers tennis courts, a football stadium and plenty of other sports grounds. Lying at the foot of the forested Balkan Mountains it is home to many mineral spas, indeed its perfect climate has proved beneficial to many people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Getting There

The town is easy to reach by car lying on the main Bourgas - Varna highway. It lies equidistant from each city at around 65 km from each. There are regular bus services from both Varna and Bourgas, which is also further accessible by an increase in private taxis and minibuses during the holiday season. Nessebar the administrative capital of the area lies 40 km away and the resort is 35 km from Sunny Beach. The town has a relatively small permanent population of around 2,000 inhabitants.

A Dip Back In Time

Obzor is one of the oldest Black Sea settlements and has a wealth of ancient Greek and Roman mythology rooted in its history. In Hellenic times, Obzor was a colony and port belonging to Mesembria (today's Nessebar) abd it was known for a short period by the name Navlohos, but this was changed to Heliopolis, which meant "Town of the Sun," and this label stayed with the town for many centuries to come. By the time the Romans took over, and erected a beautiful temple to Jupitor in what is now the main square its name changed once again to Tempium Iovis, literally "Jupiter's Temple." Many finds from the Roman period have been discovered here including Roman columns, which are now displayed in the small garden near the main square. During the middle Ages a fortress named Kozyak dominated the town, but this was destroyed by Ottoman soldiers. Under Ottoman rule the town carried the name Gyozlyou, which meant "Pretty One" and in the 16th century it was renamed once again to Gyozeken, which means "Wonderful View." The town's name was changed to Obzor in 1935.

Eating, Drinking & Where to Stay

Obzor has many quaint eateries both the Ticha Hotel's restaurant and the Starata Kushta Restaurant (The Old House Restaurant) is popular with holidaymakers. In fact, restaurant management is a thriving business here as many families own their own restaurants. During the summer season the town is alive with the sounds and smells of the many bistros, kiosks and restaurants, which offer a diverse range of cuisine from traditional Bulgarian to Chinese and Italian. Fish dishes in the small family run restaurants are well worth trying.

Obzor has plenty of affordable private lodgings and moderately prices hotels. There are also three camping sites with bungalows between the town and the village of Byala - These campsites do not require advance booking.
The Ticha Hotel offers some stylish accommodation at average prices and the Amore Tourist Hostel offers much in the way of low cost accommodation.

The Miramar Hotel located on the beach front offers high standards, friendly staff and beautiful views as well as three different restaurants including one dedicated to fish and seafood.

The newly built hotel Obzor Beach Resort comprises of seven main buildings and lies on the beach about 1.5 km away from the town.

The Hotel Coral built in 1994 is a favourite place for relaxing, enjoyable family vacations. Every room offers a large balcony with stunning views.

Others four star hotels include - The Luca Helios Beach Hotel, The Sol Luna Bay Hotel and The Cliff Beach & Spa Resort - All Inclusive.

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