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Varna - The Black Sea Capital




Varna is rapidly becoming a great shopping centre with Piccadilly Park, Central Mall, Varna Mall and recently opened Varna Towers. Possibly the best store in the main square is the Spanish clothes chain Mango. They offer an air-conditioned shopping environment on two floors and have some fantastic 70% off sales. Adidas also have a store on the main square, but their prices tend to be prohibitively high and you can find most sporting goods at their outlet store, a 15-minute walk from the centre.

Denyl have a large store close to McDonald's city centre restaurant and this offers a great range of male and female fashions including a good designer range. International chain Zara has just opened an outlet store close to McDonalds and offer many articles for a mere 10 Leva.

There are literally hundreds of independent boutiques offering a wide range of fashions at low prices, but beware, the quality is not always up to scratch. A couple of streets back from the Cathedral you can find the ‘Gypsy Market' which offers a wide range of items from suitcases and food processors to children's toys and there are some great bargains to be had here.



Varna is a great place to relax. There are many spa hotels offering a wide range of massage and beauty treatments. Apart from conventional massage, you can get a massage with hot stones or hot chocolate. There are also many cosmetic surgeons and dentists who offer excellent treatment at half the price of the UK. There are many exciting activities to tempt the visitor. Casinos abound and some are open 24 hours. The Adrenalin Bungee Club offers jumps from the Aspauhov Bridge ( In the village of Vinitsa, 6 kms from the city there is an excellent Go-Kart track ( They also offer off road buggies and chance to try your hand at sumo wrestling and shooting. Water sports from para sailing to jet skiing are on offer at the beach. In Vinitsa, you can also find riding stables. The Sea Garden has tennis courts and the Grand Hotel in St Konstantin has a bowling alley. You can watch many sports in Varna; most events take place in the circular shaped Palace of Culture and Sport opposite the Sea Garden.



The opera house is in the main square and puts on many opera, symphonic, chamber music, ballet, and operetta performances throughout the year. There is also a Puppet Theatre and the Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre is home to many talented choirs. There are many concerts, films, theatre and dance shows held at the Festival and Congress Centre and the Palace of Sport and Culture. Varna has several cinemas in the city and many show films in English. Every year the city holds an International Arts Festival called Varna Summer. The theatre festival starts at the beginning of June. June and July are dedicated to classical music and the Jazz fest and the International Folklore Festival are held in August. In autumn, Varna hosts two film festivals. The close of the Summer Festival is marked biannually with the International Festival of Puppet Theatres.

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