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Ahtopol Bulgaria

ahtopol bulgariaThe town of Ahtopol, Bulgaria is located at the foot of the Strandzha Mountain on the southern most part of the Black Sea coast.

It is 65km from Burgas and is close to the European border of Turkey. The quaint seaside town is nestled on a rocky peninsula that is around 500m long and 300m wide. The area has glorious, long hot summers that are cooled by the breeze from the Strandzha Mountain nearby. The pretty town of Ahtopol is in a truly stunning area of the Black sea coast, and is surrounded by beautiful scenic forests, rivers and sea.

The area is unspoilt and has a wealth of landscape to explore. This area has long been a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors for its combination of coast and its exceptional nature within the area. There is an extensive range of wildlife, flora and fauna to discover. The town of Ahtopol is recognised for its ecological cleanliness and among the cleanest in Europe. The beaches provide safe bathing for families from the shallow bays, and the sea is suitable for swimming from May to October. The main business in this small resort is tourism, and has long been a favourite destination for holiday makers seeking a calm and relaxing break.

Ahtopol is an ancient settlement and many objects have been found from the seafaring pursuits of the various past historical periods, including a stone axe, pottery fragments that provide evidence that Ahtopol was occupied through the Late Stone Age and early Bronze Age. Thracian artefacts also exist from the Bronze Age.
In 1918 a fire completely destroyed Ahtopol, except for the Ascension of the Lord Church which survived. The church which was constructed in 1796 is now a part of the Saint Yana Monastery Complex.

Nowadays Ahtopol is a popular, small and friendly holiday resort suitable for couples and families. There is plenty of choice in accommodation to suit all budgets varying from villas, bed and breakfasts and luxury hotels. There is a good selection of shops, bars, bistros and restaurants that are competitively priced. Ahtopol is a great place to visit if you are searching for peace and quiet, and attracts tourists for this reason. It is only a small resort and has wonderful sandy beaches and bays with clear blue seas in a stunning setting. There are plenty of amenities and tourist entertainment in the town for tourists.

If you want a change from the beach, it is an excellent spot for mountain excursions to see the spectacular Strandzha nature park which is close by. Here you will find many hiking trails of different lengths to walk, and explore. You will be amazed at the breathtaking beauty and nature around you.

Within an hour's drive you can explore this stunning coastline and check out other smaller Bulgarian resorts including, Tsarevo, Lozenets, Varvara and Sinemorets. Rezova is the southernmost part of the Black sea coast.
Compared to other Black sea resorts, the picturesque town of Ahtopol in Bulgaria also boasts some of the highest number of sunny days in a year.