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Byala Bulgaria

Byala is a small picturesque seaside town in eastern Bulgaria, situated in the Varna region of the Black Sea Coast. The quaint coastal town on approach is located in a fairy tale cliff top setting, and is a charming coastal town. It has a backdrop of the scenic Mountainous range of the Stara Planina, is 50 km from Varna and 70 km from the southern city of Burgas. The town is relatively unspoilt and has some of the best wide sandy beaches along the Black Sea Coast, with stunning white cliffs bordering it.



In the 14th century in Ottoman times the town of Byala was known as Akdere, which translates as 'White Creek'. Until the early 1900s the main inhabitants of the town of Byala were Greeks, who settled after the First World War. Today, the majority of the population are Bulgarians tracing the ancestral roots back to Greek Macedonia.

The town of Byala

The town of Byala is a quieter seaside resort compared to other areas of the Black Sea Coast, and but less developed. Although from 2004 to 2007 the town has saw a considerable amount of new developments being constructed, due to the interest and demand from foreign purchasers in particular Danish and Dutch investing in this pretty part of the coast.

Byala is a good combination of old and new, and continues to be a traditional working village as well as tourist resort. Rural houses are open to demonstrate interesting local traditions and customs, and you can see the formation of the unique "White Rocks" display at the demonstration centre. Byala's main economy is made from tourism, and it also has a thriving wine industry that dates back to ancient times. There has been long a rich wine centre, the famous fine vintage Dimyat is produced here. A small port is due to be built along this coastline to provide yachts and small boats to land in this beautiful coast. Steps from the town lead down to a lovely, secluded beach that arcs north to the rocky Cape Atanas to the south another cape separate the sandy stretch of beach of the neighbouring town of Obzor.

Out and about

The natural beach of Karadere is located about 3 km from the town, and is one of the last remaining wild unspoilt beaches in Bulgaria, with pristine sand, and fresh water wetlands, and a stunning white cliff backdrop. It is a beautiful place to get away from it all and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Some eco friendly car free resorts projects have been built in this area to accommodate tourists all year round. It enables travellers to enjoy getting back to nature amid a setting of forests, meadows and gorges in this area.

The encompassing nature of the town is there waiting to be discovered. You will find a good choice of accommodation to suit all travellers' budgets and tastes from luxury to basic rooms to rent. Several local bars and restaurants offer the opportunity to sample local traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Byala Bulgaria is a wonderful place to explore for a holiday; the beach and crystal clear sea provides plenty of for fantastic break opportunities.