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Sinemorec is a small village resort located in the far southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

The village is close to the Turkish border, and the nearest Bulgarian resort Ahtopol 6 km, and major city Burgas is 85 km away. The beautiful village is nestled on the sea amid stunning pure countryside. The scenic River Veleka is nearby and is a popular place for water sports activities during the summer.

Sinemorec is a very beautiful destination for a relaxed summer holiday; it has attractive unspoilt natural beauty surrounding the area along with exceptional beaches. The picturesque village of Sinemorec has two beaches the Bytamyata Beach, and the Beach that sits at the entrance of the Veleka River. A short drive away is the gorgeous beach of Silistar, which is one of Bulgaria's most charming beaches.


The village of Sinemorec dates back to ancient times, with the remains of a Thracian fortress and ceramic remains dating from as far back as the 5th Century BC. The name of Sinemorec was given to the village in 1930, and a Greek word that means which means "sky blue". The village first had recognition in document from 1496 during Ottoman times when there lived 16 Christian families, as invasions from sea pirates had made many others to flee inland to the Strandzha area. An Austrian ambassador Wenzel von Bronjar sailed close to the village in 1766 and counted 17 houses who were mostly exporters of wood. Later in 1824 another westerner Enelholm, documented 30 houses situated close to the only pier on the coast. Later in 1926 only 68 houses existed mainly populated by refugees from the Eastern Thrace. The village was a controlled area up until 1989, and sparsely inhabited due to its closeness to the Turkish border.

After the fall of communism the village began to grow in recognition. Sinemorec was again uncovered in 1989, and the thin population is one of the main reasons that the area has remained flawlessly preserved. The vicinity is extremely attractive with dense forests, clear waters and pristine beaches. It has since attracted wealthy Bulgarians who were searching for peaceful locations to build their own holiday homes.


The village has a tranquil atmosphere and today is still one of the quietest resorts on the Black sea coast, and has not been affected by the commercialism effects of tourism like some of its famous resorts. It does however provide a good choice of accommodation, including luxury hotels, guest houses and apartments. Close at hand are a good selection of restaurants that offer a choice of seafood, and traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

There is a good selection of water sports available during the summer season for those seeking some adventure with jet skis and banana boats available for rent. But, it is possible to find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine and sea along the quiet beaches.

If you prefer more leisurely activities to explore the natural surroundings of the area then there are horses, ponies, cycling and hiking. As well as fishing and boat trips on the River Veleka that heat towards the beautiful strandzha region.

Strandzha and surrounding area

It is situated close to the outstanding Strandzha Nature Reserve of which in the height of summer offers a cool retreat with the numerous trails to explore. You can also find a number of interesting historical finds in the area. A number of villages in the Strandzha region still maintain their ancient traditions of which they are proud to share with visitors. One of the famous customs which is known worldwide is the Nestinarka – a ceremony dance that is performed on hot coals and held annually on the 21st May in the honour of Saints Constantine and Elena. The dances are also a highlight in the summer held specialty for tourists visiting the area. There is the option to stay in rented accommodation in other well known Strandzha villages that have developed into appealing tourist destinations such as Bulgari, Gramatikovo, Kosti and Mladezhko.

Silistar Beach

Silistar is Bulgaria's most stunning bay on the Black sea coast. Located 5km south of Sinemorec on the winding village road alongside striking forest views is the last piece of Bulgaria before the Turkish border begins. The beach is only small about 1 km long, and has lovely golden soft, sandy beaches and calm blue seas to enjoy. A small cafe is located at one end of the beach for refreshments and some shade. If you are lucky you may also catch a glance of the wonderful rare and protected species in the surrounding sand dune and rocks including the Black Stork, Imperial Eagle, and Special Dove. The area of Silistar has been under protection since declared in 1992.