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Summer Calm in Chernomorets Bulgaria

Chernomorets is an attractive and tranquil Bulgarian resort located on the southern Black Sea Coast. It is 8 km from the popular resort of Sozopol, and 23 km from Burgas, and the closest airport.


Chernomorets is nestled on the north peninsula of the Sozopol Bay, with the main town close by that has everything you need for a great holiday. The area is a stunning place to visit, and a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty that surrounds you. There are 4 sandy beaches each with their own charm and features. Set in the lovely region of Chernomorets, each beach offers unique and individual conditions from sunbathing and relaxation to enjoying a little more action with a good assortment of water sports.

Where to go

An appeal to younger tourists especially younger Bulgarians, is the nearby Gradina camp site. Gradina is about 1.5 km away and is a great area to enjoy the outdoors with plenty going on. There is the option to take part in many water sports here, which makes it a fun location. The most common activities to pursue here include swimming, water jumping, windsurfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

The charm of Chernomorets...

On a visit to Chernomorets in Bulgaria one feature you will not miss is the heaps of flowers and shrubbery in the area. It really is a picturesque place to visit, and in almost every part to the resort there are flowers and shrubs to enjoy. The area has seen a growth over the past few years and there is a good selection of accommodation to suit all travelers' budgets. From camping to private rooms and apartments, guest houses, bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels you will find a good choice here. There are a number of bars and restaurants to enjoy local cuisine in the town. The town has a cozy atmosphere and the locals are friendly and hospitable. The bars and restaurants are a great way to sample the traditional Bulgarian dishes. There is also a good selection of other European dishes available on the menu. Nightlife in Chernomorets is based around the good choice of bars and restaurants, but for those seeking extra entertainment there are several nightclubs to enjoy that open until the early hours. The majority of the bars and restaurants are located in a lovely panoramic setting along the picturesque and rocky coastline.


Chernomorets was originally known as Sveti Nikola or Saint Nicholas, but the name was changed in 1951 to Chernomorets which means "Black sea man". The town has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. It was a former village, but has grown over time to become a laid back seaside resort. The area is situated north of the famous Strandzha mountain, and between Cape Emime to the north and the Arkutino marshland in the south. St Ivan Island is to the east and Sozopol to the southeast. Popular landmarks of the area that are worth a visit are the Orthodox temple St Nikolas and the Garden of Eden.

Chernomorets is a lovely resort and located in a beautiful bay, and a great place to visit between May and September.