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Lyubomir Levchev and Ashes of Light

Llyubomir levchev ashes of lightyubomir Levchev is one of Bulgaria's most celebrated poets and Ashes of Light is a collection of the most important poems of his entire career beginning in 1957, as well as some new poems. It is interesting to note the way in which the poems are compiled in relation to history and Levchev's own life.However, the fact that the entire collection was translated into English poses some problems.

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Traveling to Eastern Europe - What's behind the Iron Curtain

what's behind the iron curtainThe Cold War was still being waged when I was at school in the 1980s and the countries behind the Iron Curtain - Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania - were names on the map with populations to be pitied because they didn't share in the delights of Western life.

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Easy Meals for Large Groups

easy meals for large groupsSpending time in Bulgaria, you soon discover how to prepare easy meals for large groups of guests.

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А Place in the Sun Live Exhibition 2015 - BULGARIAN PROPERTIES

place in sun bulgarian propertiesDon't miss this weekend "А Place in the Sun Live Exhibition 2015" in Manchester. It is the location to be if you are searching for an overseas property from a selection of countries around the world, including Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria Beaches

bulgaria-beaches-2In our look at Bulgaria beaches we discover that there is 235 miles (380km) of sandy shoreline. Historic and cultural attractions around every corner. The question is not whether you ought to come to Bulgaria for a beach vacation, but which of the beaches will best suit your individual preferences.

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The Great Expat Migration

the great ex pat migrationAs Spring time is about to knock on our doors once again, the exodus of British citizens turning their back on the familiar, to live a richer fuller life in a warmer safer climate can be seen filling up the ferries and charter flights and setting off to discover a secret that has been kept, until now, very quiet.

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Bulgarian Flowers

bulgarian flowersBeautiful bouquets of Bulgarian flowers are a popular gift given for many occasions, such as birthdays, congratulations, namedays, anniversaries, sympathy, romance and thank you. Like a number of other nations in the world, Bulgaria equally has a national flower.

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Bulgaria Property Crash 2014

 bulgaria property crashThe current Bulgaria property crash situation continues to show very little sign of improvement that is to say for the sellers of property in Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria Beaches

bulgaria beachesBulgaria beaches can be found scattered along the expanse Black sea shores, as well as numerous villages, towns, huge cities, and substantial resorts includuing, both largest resorts Golden Sands and Sunny Beach.

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Bulgarian Food Recipes

bulgarian food recipesBulgarian food recipes have been influenced during a 500 year period of invading forces from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austro-Hungary, Germany and Russia. The cuisine tends to differ from one area of Bulgaria to another as well as being slightly spicier than that of northern European countries.

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Bulgarian Cultural Institute London

bulgarian cultural institute londonIf you have visited Bulgaria and intrigued by the country and its culture and want to learn more, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute London provides you with all things related to Bulgaria.

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