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Changing Sizes In Bulgaria


shoppingIn the past few years I have heard many people comment on the change in clothes sizes in shops, a higher amount of people with weight issues, as well as an increase in the number of fast food/ snack shops that have opened.

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Is English Widely Spoken In Bulgaria?

girltalkingoncellIs English widely spoken in Bulgaria?

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A Great Day In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


tsaravetsstparadePraise should go to the event organisers of Bulgaria's old capital city 'Veliko Tarnovo's street parade' held yesterday.

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City Living In Bulgaria


mainstgabrovoLiving in a city in Bulgaria is far different from living in many other cities around the world.

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Bank Cards In Bulgaria

creditcrunchA recent poll out had discovered that there was a lack of knowledge in the use of debit and credit cards in Bulgaria.

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Learning To Save Money

piggybankLiving in a Bulgarian village can help you save you money. In today's struggling economy it is a good job as the ever increasing costs of living in Bulgaria are gradually increasing for those who live here.

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Want a New Website-Central Webworks

Questbg would like to introduce a family company laptopwith over 20 years experience in the electronic and computer trade.

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A Reminder to Change the Clocks

antiquewatchIt's that time of year again in Bulgaria and most other European countries to remember to put our clocks forward one hour from 3 am Sunday 31 March 2013.

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Good News For Expat Book Worms

booksA great service for all of us who miss English books in Bulgaria is the 'Book Cave in Veliko Tarnovo' who sells second hand English Language fiction and non fiction.

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Challenges In Bulgaria


waterWhen you arrive at your new home in a new country there will be no doubt some problems you encounter.

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Bulgaria And Wedding Rings

ringsinboxSomething that I found strange when I first came to Bulgaria was wedding rings.I found it strange how nobody wore a wedding ring and I thought that maybe marriage wasn't so common here.

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