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Spending Money

After reading the bbqnews today and reports out state that Bulgarians had spent over 800 million leva during the Christmas season and retail profit had also been up on last year after this past holiday season .

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Food Shopping In Bulgaria

fruitandvegshopOver the last few years an increase in the choice of larger supermarkets in the region we live of Bulgaria has made life a lot easier for me.

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Eco Friendly Timber Frame Homes in Bulgaria

globalgreenhouseEver considered buying a home built from a timber frame?

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Dentist Treatment In Bulgaria

dentistThe monthly visit to my daughter's orthodontist, is a trip into the nearest largest city, (which is Bulgaria's old capital) - Veliko Tarnovo or abbreviated V.T. First a very modern private practise by which we have been attending for over 21/2 years, as when we moved from the U.K she was due to begin treatment to straighten her teeth and missed it due to our move.

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Heat Wave in Bulgaria

heat wave in bulgaria

According to recent news reports most parts of Bulgaria have seen record temperatures for this time of year, with the last few days reaching 28 degrees.

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Sharing Your Home With Rodents

mouseFinally the weather is turning colder in Bulgaria, after some record high temperatures since 1850, but who knows I wasn't around then and I guess not many others were too!

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Bulgarian Town Celebrates Name Day

dryanovo fairEvery year a fair is held for  four days in October, in Dryanovo, in Central Bulgaria.

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Nearly Christmas

christmas treeI can't believe it is nearly Christmas because living in a rural village there is obviously no sign of it.The cities are stocked with a small selection of decorations etc, but it is not celebrated and marketed on the scale of the west here in Bulgaria.

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Quest Bulgaria-Ask the Experts


We at Quest have teamed up with several professionals in their fields of expertise to offer this exiting,and in our opinion much needed advise service for expats,holiday home owners, investors and anybody who may be considering investing for whatever reason in Bulgaria.

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Lidl In Bulgaria

lidl in bulgariaToday we thought we would visit Lidl in Gabrovo the city nearest to where we live in Bulgaria.

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Sociable Bulgarian People

sociablebulgarianpeoplesBulgarian people are known to be very sociable, and certainly in villages where community spirit is to meet together at the local bar for coffee or maybe something stronger and chat.

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