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Xmas in Bulgaria

xmas in bulgariaXmas in Bulgaria is slightly different and not led from market trends but instead from the conventional spirit that initially sparked the tradition within the start. The lead up to the Festive season occurs over a two month time frame and the celebration by itself is not as huge commercially as it is in the West. During Communist time, Xmas was not popular as a religious festival given that the Communist regime forbids religion.

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Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes

mehanaFamilies eating out in Bulgaria will almost certainly find kid friendly dinner recipes on the menu at most bars or restaurants. Sure you can find McDonalds, Kentucky fried chicken etc. here but if you opt to try the more traditional informal Mehana/tavern (or restaurant) in Bulgaria, families with fussy eaters may be surprised at how Bulgarian food is straightforward yet scrumptious.

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Hiring a Reputable Translator

hiring a translatorA reputable translator is one of the first services most expats are likely to require when moving to Bulgaria, unless you have taken the time to study and became fluent in the Bulgarian language.

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Buying Bulgarian Property Tips

forsaleBuying Bulgarian Property Tips - Here we have put together a few points to consider before buying property in Bulgaria:


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Do You Belong in Bulgaria?


couplelaptopDo You Belong in Bulgaria? A few questions to ask yourself if it is the right move for you.

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Making the Move - Living Overseas

movingabroadMost people around the world nowadays know at least one person or a family that have made the decision to leave their homeland to go off and experience life living overseas.

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Bulgaria - A Healthy Nation?

hikingA recent survey report by Bloomberg has placed Bulgaria 73 out of 143 of the healthiest country to live in. The survey was authorised by the World Health Organisation to discover how healthy nations were with at least a population of a million to gain the score.

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Winter is Looming

maliovicapeakWinter is looming in Bulgaria,and days are now  crisp with bright blue skies and in some parts of the country. Areas like the Rhodope Mountains, the sun can still be strong enabling you to still wear a T-shirt.


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Bulgaria`s Vampires - TV Documentary

sattvBulgaria`s recent vampire archaeology finds in a medieval settlement in Sozopol are to be broadcast on the National Geographic Channel, this Sunday at 9 pm.

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Bulgarian Times - The Rough with the Smooth

bulgarian timesBulgarian times are getting harder for locals and expats alike, what with the rising cost of food and the government's recent decision to tax the interest on the savings earned in banks here, we ask ourselves, what's next?

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New Adjustments to Entertainment Businesses

mehanaNew ajustments to the Tourism Act are to be made to all accommodation businesses in Bulgaria.

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