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Bulgaria - Car Lights on Day and Night

Bheadlampsulgarian MP`s have passed, by a majority vote, a new driving law that requires drivers to keep their vehicles headlights on day and night all year round. Bulgaria, like many other countries in Europe already has in place the law whereby headlights should be switched on during the winter months from November 1 until March 1.


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Visit Bulgaria to Help Lose Weight

peachesAt the moment people living or simply visiting Bulgaria should be taking advantage of all the wonderful summer fruit available, especially if you want to shed a few pounds.

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Computers and Communication

couplelaptopA positive aspect of moving abroad in today's modern society is the ease at keeping in contact with loved ones. Research had recently reported that missing family and friends was no longer top of the list thanks to the variety of modern communications which now exists compared to years ago.

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Tragedy and Terrorism in Peaceful Bulgaria

candlesOur thoughts today are with all of those affected by yesterday`s tragic event in Bulgaria.

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Avoid Holiday Scams

gbpassportDon't let con artists ruin your holiday this summer! Here are Quest Bulgaria`s top tips to avoid getting scammed:

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Bulgaria`s Mall Mania

shoppingmallShopaholics cannot afford to miss a trip to Bulgaria! Bulgaria's retail structure is changing at a growing pace as each city builds at least one shopping mall to encourage more international chains to set up business here - larger cities like Sofia, Varna and Burgas having several malls to choose from.

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Handshake, Hug or Kiss?

handshakeAfter meeting Bulgarian people for the first time, you will notice what a polite society in the way that all of them will greet you with a firm handshake, direct eye contact and a formal introduction of whom they are.

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Paying More for Hand Luggage

inflightLike most people, I do not like paying more money than I have to. I am referring to the recent news reports regarding Wizzair's trial on paying for hand luggage from August 1 between Luton and Katowice Poland, which is a good example of this. And like most things in life a few people have spoilt it for the majority.

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A Beer for the Bones

beerhopsThere's good news for ladies who are partial to a glass of beer! It has now been discovered by researchers that it helps make bones stronger, and may help those who suffer from osteoporosis.

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Bulgaria`s Extreme Climate

airconAfter nearly freezing to death during one of Bulgaria's worst winters, now it is the complete opposite. This summer is well underway and heating up with temperatures from 30 degrees Celsius and higher in many regions. The air conditioning is now being used frequently.

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Corresponding With My Bulgarian Neighbour

postletterWhen moving house it often means leaving family and friends behind. This was the case for us recently, but as we are lucky to have the modern technology of low cost internet services such as Skype and Twitter, it is much easier now to keep in contact with those close to us.

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