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A Brief Taste of Winter-in October

garden viewOctober snowfall is not that uncommon in Bulgaria, only last year many parts of the country witnessed a few white October days. The last 2 days though have been very different.


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Working In Bulgaria

officedeskEver wondered how one may spend an average week in Bulgaria? Well here at the Quest office, we have had yet another busy week of dealing with clients, advertising deals and getting new stories ready for our readers to enjoy. So, here we are giving you an insight in to an average week at the Quest Bulgaria office.


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Collecting The Post

letterpostEvery week I visit the village post office to check for mail from various sources. Most times I am lucky to go within the opening hours and collect various packages, but today I timed it wrong and went during a lunch break.


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New Best Online Translator

laptopAlthough you may be getting to grips with your conversational Bulgarian, sometimes it just isn't enough to deal with specialised subjects or issues that you may come across.

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Home Comforts in Bulgaria

craftshopWhen you come to live in a foreign country, you notice that many other foreigners that live in the same country miss their 'home comforts.' These little luxuries can range from food and drink, clothes and cosmetics to bigger and more expensive things. So it is no surprise that the average expat leaves Bulgaria with a fairly empty suitcase, when going on a short visit back home, and returns with a jam packed case that almost exceeds the weight limit that they are allowed.


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Brazilian President Visits Gabrovo

centreToday, roads were closed off and extra police were on the streets of Gabrovo, a small town situated in central Bulgaria. The reason for this is that there is a visit from the first woman Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, who is here to observe her family ties to the small town set in the central Balkans of Bulgaria.

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Bulgarian Markets

tomatoesPopular vegetables grown successfully in Bulgaria include tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, chillies, cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots, radish, lettuce, pumpkin and squash. Everything here is grown organically and is full of flavour.

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Fun With the Kids in Bulgaria

familywalkWhilst out walking the dog recently, I came across a family who were playing games they had made up with their children. They told me that for them, 'playing with the children was of great importance and cost no more than a part of their time - but turning off the mobile phone was a must!


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Chill Out And Relax - Bulgarian Style

The first thing an expat discovers is that the coffeepace of life is much slower in Bulgaria. The Bulgarians are not lazy people, but they do not stress and rush in the way that Westerners do.

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A Dog's Life in Bulgaria

randHaving a pet is not uncommon for expats in Bulgaria. The distressing state of dogs and cats can be seen all over the country and even if you aren't a huge animal lover-like myself there aren't many people who don't feel sorry for the state of the animals, and the temptation to take them home is there for most of us.


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Bulgaria`s Great Family Values

childrenplayBulgaria is a country where family values play a leading role in the social structure. Many people particularly in the towns and villages live with or close to their extended family with Grandma watching the children and father and son working side by side.

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