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Holidays in Autumn

holidays in autumnBulgaria is a great destination for holidays in autumn. While not generally publicised, it is great for those who want a break away from the hustle of Christmas looming in the U.K. In particular, September to November is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the heat of the summer and of course the busy crowds.

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Removals Expert and Services

removals expert and servicesMoving house is made easier when you hire a removals expert to shift your belongings from A to B. Nowadays the services provided are immense by removals companies, to help make your life easier at this stressful time in life.

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Bulgarian Feta Cheese Facts

bulgarian feta cheeseBulgarian feta cheese is a cheese similar to the Greek version, but in Bulgaria is more commonly known as Sirene which means a cheese.

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Tips on Doing Business in Bulgaria

doing business in bulgariaConsidering doing business in Bulgaria? If so here we present you with some tips on how to go about doing business in this interesting country that is steeped in culture and customs.

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Prevent Garden Injuries

prevent garden injuriesWhen summer and the warmer weather arrive most people enjoy spending time in the garden. The fresh air and sunshine makes most people feel good and it also encourages gardening as an activity.

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Bulgarian Traditions

bulgarian traditionsWhilst visiting Bulgaria you will come across many Bulgarian traditions and customs from the different regions.

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Conserve Energy in Summer

conserve energySummer is a great time, but in Bulgaria July and August can be unbearably hot like many other countries around the world. With the high temperatures also come high energy bills as you attempt to stay cool with the air conditioning.

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Poker Events in Bulgaria

Different poker tournaments for Bulgarian enthusiasts

Poker has a huge following in Europe, especially in Germany. However, this does not mean that countries in the Eastern part do not appreciate the card game. In fact, poker’s presence can be felt in Bulgaria as well.

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Fact File on Bulgaria

fact file bulgariaAround 84 % of the Bulgarian population is Bulgarian and speak the Slavic language, which is similar to Russian and Serbian/ Croatian. The main religion practised is the Orthodox Christian religion.

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Bulgarian Street Dogs

bulgarian street dogsBulgarian street dogs and the welfare of animals in general is a major problem throughout the country.

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Benefit from a Summer Kitchen

benefit from a summer kitchenDuring the long hot Bulgarian summers a summer kitchen is worth its weight in gold when considering buying a house in Bulgaria.

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