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The English Neighbour-Leslie Grantham

watchingtvAs many people are aware Bulgaria is home to numerous film projects, and I know that Quest Bulgaria has written an extensive list in an in-depth article in the Member's area in the past of the various filming that has been shot during the past few years here.

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A Little Knowledge...

laptopforumToday with just a couple of clicks at your keyboard you can be taken anywhere through the internet. Great - or is it? How do you know if the pages you land on offer you good advice or not?

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Weather Warnings For All

summerBulgarian news have during the past few weeks been reporting coloured codes to warn people of the potential dangers from the intense heat and high temperatures that have swept the country, in particular the past few days where many regions have seen thermometers reach up to 40 degrees Celsius.

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Making The Most Of Your Day in Bulgaria

wallclockDo you find that it doesn't matter how much you have to do in a day or what you have planned, sometimes it is an impossible task to actually get anything done at all?!

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The Sweet Smell Of The Lipa Tree

lipaflowersWherever you are in Bulgaria at this time of year you can take in the wonderful aroma of the Lipa tree flowers.

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Keeping Healthy In a Bulgarian Summer

healthygirlbeachDuring the summer months when the weather is hot, we often forget the importance of drinking plenty and keeping healthy. Of course, it doesn't help that during the summer we have so much more to remember and supposedly the fact of keeping healthy and hydrated just seems to slip our minds.

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A- Z Of Bulgaria

bookcyrillicWhat are the first things that spring to mind when somebody mentions "Bulgaria?"


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A Tipple Too Much in Bulgaria

beersBulgarian news had recently reported that Bulgarian's drink 2 -3 times more alcohol than their European neighbours.

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Making The Most Of Living In Bulgaria

luggageAn advantage of living in Bulgaria when funds are limited and you fancy a break away is that the country does have almost all types of holidays to suit all, without waiting at the airport.

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Quest Bulgaria - Translation Services

towriteDo you need a translator to translate documents, letters etc. from English to Bulgarian or the other way?


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A Healthy Lifestyle In Bulgaria

marketstallWith the summer temperatures beginning to soar throughout Bulgaria, the warm weather and sunshine brings the feeling of well being and with that for some a healthy diet and lifesyle.

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