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Helping the Planet from Bulgaria

candlesAre you interested in helping to conserve energy in Bulgaria then if so why not participate in EARTH HOUR.

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The Dwindling Population Of Bulgarian Villages

villageChurch bells have been rung regularly in our Bulgarian village.

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Guests In Winter

girlinsnowDuring the hot summers those who live here Bulgaria most likely get plenty of guests preferring to visit here rather thanyou to them, especially those from cooler climes.

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Mobiles and Public Places

girlmobileHaving lived in the U.K before coming to live in Bulgaria, I have seen the strict rules on using mobile phones at work, in schools and other environments where mobile phones should be switched off.

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Saturday Shopping

gabrovomainstreetSaturday in smaller cities around Bulgaria close early around 2-3pm and I completely forgot this fact so it was a disappointment when for the first time in ages I felt like a little retail therapy! The city of Gabrovo was like a ghost town.

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Teenage Expat In Bulgaria


expatluisaI first moved here three years ago in January 2008. From a young age I had always been around different cultures and visited different countries, so I was very keen to go and live abroad.

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Parking In Bulgaria

ladaparkingTrying to park is often sheer frustration for many car owners on a daily basis but nevertheless a cost that most people would prefer not to have to pay in day to day lives and especially coming from the U.K,where the costs were horrendous before we left. I know from relatives who visit that prices still continue to rise.

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Younger Expats


When it comfamilyhomees to finding information and expat stories from a young persons point of view, there are very few available. Why? Is it because there are no children or teenagers moving abroad with their parents?

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Power Cuts In Bulgaria

electricpylonOne thing about life in Bulgaria that is difficult for many expats to cope with is the sudden loss of electric - power cuts.

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Comparing Costs


currencyComparing living costs is often most people's favourite research when deciding to relocate. Often most are pleased when it turns out that the country they want to move to is much cheaper than that of home.

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Bulgarian Dark Beer

brownbeerA great alternative during the cold winter months in Bulgaria if you enjoy a beer is the dark or ‘tumno' beer which is available from all the leading makes of lagers.

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