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Motoring In Bulgaria


traffic police When arriving in Bulgaria you will first observe that driving is on the right hand side and the road signs are in the Cyrillic alphabet. Bulgarian cities are heavily congested with traffic.

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The Bulgarian Real Estate Market

propery market BgThe Bulgarian real estate market is on the way back. At the beginning of the Millenium, Bulgaria was a prime location to buy holiday property and to retire or re-locate to – property was cheap and renovation was inexpensive.

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Visiting a Hairdresser in Bulgaria

haidrierI’ve always looked at getting a hair cut as a chore, well that’s until I enter the chair and end up rather enjoying myself and feeling totally relaxed.


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Snakes in Bulgaria


snakeinvillageWalking home after buying groceries from the local village shop on a glorious hot sunny September day in Bulgaria we spot a neighbour screaming and throwing rocks at the road.

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Earthquake Hits Bulgaria`s Capital

earthquakeIn Bulgaria’s capital Sofia on Friday, an earthquake hit the city with a magnitude of 3.5 on the Richter scale. For those living in Sofia it is the third quake in the last 2 weeks.

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Stray Dogs in Bulgaria

straydogsEverybody who descends upon Bulgarian soil will see the sad faces of the stray dogs almost everywhere.


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My Top Tips for Settling in as an Expat

1. Learn the language; It’s tough and a little challenging but by just learning a few of the basic words, you’ll show the locals that your prepared to fit in.

I was seriously worried about practicing my pickups on Bulgarians. But I was pleasantly surprised when most were very polite and helpful.

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Back to School in Bulgaria


backtoschoolToday I will see life from two sides, the village has become incredibly quiet in the daytime as all the kids that stay with grandparents for the whole summer have gone back to school in the cities.

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Fruit and Veg in the Garden

cabbageIt’s been a slightly unfortunate year for the fruit and vegetables. I suppose this is down to the disappointing summer we’ve had this year and the sudden increase of rain.

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