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A Cyrillic Challenge - Learning Bulgarian

revisionOne of the hardest hurdles when I moved to Bulgaria was getting to grips with the language. What also makes it more difficult is that the alphabet is in Cyrillic, which therefore makes it a double challenge to learn. But if you find yourself in the same position, don't give up.


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A Slower Pace of Life

sunnybeach One of the biggest attractions to Bulgaria is that it offers a slower pace of life with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach in summer and skiing in winter. Especially appealing for people who have busy careers, and are searching for some relaxation and time out.


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Expat Stories - Search

directorysearchQuest Bulgaria are on the search - and would love to hear from expats living in Bulgaria who have a story to tell.

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Stale Beer Uses in the Home

leftoveruseswithbeerIf you have leftover beer after a party, don't throw it away here are some ways to use flat and stale beer within the home and garden.

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Trifon Zarezan

trifon zarezanTrifon Zarezan in Bulgaria is known as the day for celebrating Saint Trifon - the patron for wine on 14 February, when most other countries celebrate the date as St. Valentines day!

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Young People Living Abroad

young people living abroadMoving abroad is a big step in life for anyone at any age and it is becoming more common to hear of young people living abroad. Over the past few years, more and more young families have left their home country behind to start a new life abroad.

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Village Homes Bulgaria - Part 2

life in bulgarian villages, part twoAfter part one of our article Village Homes Bulgaria - all about buying a property and living in a Bulgarian village, with all the idyllic advantages for doing so, part two is time to take a look at the disadvantages. Is living the life in village homes Bulgaria heaven or not? 

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Bulgaria's Breathtaking Beauty

towncountryThere are very few countries that can compete with Bulgaria's breathtaking beauty. Its mountain scenery offers panoramic views, lofty snowcapped peaks with a host of sporting and recreational opportunities as well as peace and tranquility. The coast crowned with an assortment of prestigious Blue Flag beaches also offers a landscape not usually associated with the sea; lush green deciduous forests, rocky limestone cliffs and rolling hills that slope gently onto miles of fine golden sand.

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Village Homes Bulgaria

life in a bulgarian villageVillage homes Bulgaria for many are a dream of getting out of the rat race and enjoying a simple life. It was the dream to escape city speed for the relaxation of the coast but many Foreigner buyers are looking for safer inland Bulgarian properties.

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Ways to Save Money at Home

how to save moneyThere are many ways to save money at home; here are our top tips to help you cut your winter bills this year.

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New Year Resolutions

creditcrunchAnother year will soon be gone and most people will have only bills to remind them of Christmas and New Year. A new year encourages a new start with resolutions to change certain habits;

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