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Solving the Cost of Bulgaria`s Earthquakes

earthquakedamageThe earthquakes that recently shook western Bulgaria have been recorded as some of the worst in 70 years and have raised several issues for the country.

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Dining Out in Bulgaria



diningoutEating out in Bulgaria is an enjoyable experience of culinary delights.Traditional Bulgarian cuisine is similar to that of Greece and Turkey with its own variations.

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A Colourful Flavour - Shareno Salt

sharenosaltA visit to Bulgaria will certainly tempt your taste buds, with the wonderful assortment of herbs


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Vampire Graves in Bulgaria

vampire skeletonBulgaria has been in the eyes of the world recently following the findings of two skeletons of what were presumed to have been vampires buried over a century ago.

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Bulgaria - A Low Cost Destination

beachwithpeopleDespite the gloom and doom of the global financial crisis, people are still not giving up their holidays. The difference

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A Healthy Fast Food - Tarator

bulgarianyogurtNowadays when time is limited and we want something quick to eat, most people turn to the fast food option of either buying on the go from a food outlet or purchasing something quick to prepare at home.

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Are You Looking for a Reliable Insurance Company?

interamericanAre you searching for that all important insurance cover, and a company that covers all aspects including Home, Life and Medical insurance?


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The Trouble with Ticks

checkforticksAs the weather warms up in Bulgaria, we all love to spend time outdoors. But a


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Quest Bulgaria Business Directory

girllaptopWant to make a bigger impact?


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Favourable Bulgarian Souvenirs

honeyA follow up to my last post about Shareno salt I have listed some of my own favourite Bulgarian products that are available as souvenirs, to remind you of your stay here in Bulgaria, so start making your list!


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Translations and Language Lessons

officedeskBest Online Translator is a reputable online company which offers translation, interpretation, consultancy and language learning services.

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