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A Viewing Trip In Bulgaria

villagehouseRecently with a friend and through our new section ‘Bailiffs Auction' we decided to view a bargain property that he was particularly keen to buy as a country retreat for his family.

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How Bulgarian Are You?

nazdraveHave you lived in Bulgaria long enough to know whether you recognise any of these traits? Well, one thing is for sure, you will most probably come across some of the following points during your stay/new life in Bulgaria!


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A Visit To Reminisce

doorknockerA visitor to our door the other day was not the man who reads the water meter, the post lady delivering mail that has crossed paths with my visit to pick it up myself, or our neighbours.

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Health And Safety Bulgarian Style

healthandsafetybgstyleIt goes without saying that health and safety in the workplace is an issue not to be taken lightly.


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Bulgaria`s Increase in Western Flavour

marks and spencers


A recent visit to Burgas, situated on the southern Black sea coast completely surprised me when I saw the changes that have been made to the city over the past few years; it was almost like a trip to a city in the U.K.

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Returning Home From Bulgaria

manscreamingDuring the past few weeks after several conversations with friends and colleagues in Bulgaria it is amazing how many expats are returning to the U.K.

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A Combination Of Old And New - Nessebar

nessebarpanoramaNessebar is located in the Burgas province with the ancient name Messembria and situated north of Bulgaria's busy Sunny Beach. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the Black Sea.

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Gabrovo Carnival - The Summary

gabrovofountainIf you read our main article about the Gabrovo carnival then you may have also been one of the many people who attended the event on Saturday 21st May.

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Sunny Beach Bulgaria - Out Of Season

emptysunnybeachWhen deciding on where to go for that all important holiday after a tough year at work, some choose to go to the rowdy destinations, full of life and nonstop partying and others choose a quieter, less commercial location. After all everybody is different. Many opt for a vacation out of season, when a resort is less busy.

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Noisy Nights In A Village

nightskyAs the temperatures starts to rise in Bulgaria, it is great to see the daily sunshine and embark on tidying the garden and relaxing in the sunshine.

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Public Transport In Bulgaria


varnastationPublic transport is a popular way to get from A to B in Bulgaria. In comparison to the expense of owning and running your own car, using public transport such as trains, buses and trams are a lot cheaper.

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