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Baba Marta - A Bulgarian Tradition

martenitsistallLiving in Bulgaria most of you will have noticed how many days of the year are celebrated by the Bulgarian's, who are celebrating their national traditions.

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Money and Possessions

moneymonsterThe average Bulgarian wage is 687 lv. per month, but many families take home much less and subsequently have little to waste on luxuries for their children.

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Christmas is Coming to Bulgaria

xmastreeIt's hard to believe it is nearly Christmas. So far we have enjoyed a relatively warm and sunny December here in Bulgaria, which doesn't make this time of year feel so festive. People are out and about enjoying the sunny days and warmer temperatures whilst they last. For those of us who live here we are making the most of it, as it can change at the drop of a hat, and the snow and freezing temperatures can soon be upon us.


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Bulgarian Hospitality

shopskasaladIt’s usual to receive an invitation to be a guest at a local Bulgarians home, to socialize over an alcoholic beverage and plates of meze.


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A Visit To The U.K


wingsunriseMany British expats who live permanently in Bulgaria have regular trips back to the U.K to visit family and friends and even just for shopping trips! But I have not been back to the U.K for three years and so, therefore, thought it was time to catch up and see how things were with the country as well as visiting family for a few days.

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A Bulgarian Winter

tsaravetswinterThere is no getting away from it, December to February are the coldest months wherever you live in Bulgaria. This year has seen some of the lowest temperatures on record throughout Bulgaria causing much hardship for its residents.

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Sunflower Seeds - A Bulgarian's Favourite Snack

hulledsunflowerseedsIt isn't uncommon to see Bulgarians snacking on handfuls - even bagfuls - of sunflower seeds.


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Smoking Ban in Bulgaria

no smokingThe smoking ban in all public places which comes into effect as of 1st June 2012 is supported by 60 % of the population of Bulgaria.

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Settling In And Intergrating

traditionalmusicdanceSettling in to a new country and integrating with the locals is one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling parts of relocating abroad. The complete process of getting to grips with a foreign language and using it to communicate with locals, is a process which may seem difficult at first, but in the long run will be worth it.


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Bulgarian 'Kusmeti'

coffeeWhen you drink certain coffees in a cafe in Bulgaria, it comes to you served on a saucer with a small, rolled-up piece of paper which has a message on it; this message is your fortune.


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The Wonderful Walnut

walnut It's approaching the end of the season for walnuts here in Bulgaria! And as the leaves are falling, so are these great tasty nuts. So for those of you who fancy putting a little work into picking them can collect the treat when out and about. It can be surprising how many walnuts you can pick for free in Bulgaria.


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