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A Cyrillic Challenge - Learning Bulgarian

One of the hardest hurdles when I moved to Bulgaria was getting to grips with the language. What also makes it more difficult is that the alphabet is in Cyrillic, which therefore makes it a double challenge to learn. But if you find yourself in the same position, don't give up.


I myself have never found languages easy to learn, and remembering phrases during previous holidays were always difficult!

However, when I moved to Bulgaria I felt that English was not widely spoken in small towns and cities close to us, so I thought I better give it my best shot and try. So as difficult as it is, I have over time gradually made a great effort by learning some phrases and words to help get me by in the day to day living of life in Bulgaria. Yes it is hard, but investing in some phrase books and practising when mixing with Bulgarians can help tremendously. It has also been a great help having Bulgarian neighbours that don't speak English to practise with. And they are often interested in learning some English words too.

Learn a few words a day; the continual practise of words will help tremendously in remembering. Try with simple daily greetings when you meet people, or research food items you may require from small shops where most of the stock is behind the counter. When out and about try to read the road signs, and in restaurants practise reading the menu in Bulgarian. Many expats who renovate their property will learn some communication on a daily basis if they have hired Bulgarian workers.

It is amazing how with a little perseverance you can get to learn some of this difficult language, and you'll feel very pleased with yourself when you can communicate with locals and they seem to understand you.

For those of you who are interested in learning some Bulgarian, remember a Bulgarian language course can be found in the members' area of Quest Bulgaria.