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A Healthy Fast Food - Tarator

Nowadays when time is limited and we want something quick to eat, most people turn to the fast food option of either buying on the go from a food outlet or purchasing something quick to prepare at home.

These usually derive from a packet, tin or from the frozen sections at a shop which can be cooked in a microwave within seconds. They are generally unhealthy with too much fat, e-numbers, salt and sugar.

Being a person who enjoys food but is also weight conscious, it is easy to resort to these alternatives when on the go. However, since living in Bulgaria I have found these types of products to be expensive, so I no longer resort to this kind of food. Meanwhile I have enjoyed learning the simplicity of some of the Bulgarian dishes, and shed a few pounds too!

When I was preparing a cold soup known as Tarator - a popular summer favourite here in Bulgaria - it dawned on me how quick and easy it is to make with the result of a healthy, tasty lunch. I know for most people it will not be appealing at the thought of eating cold yogurt with cucumber and garlic! But it takes only minutes to prepare so I now consider this to be a fast food - combining finely chopped cucumber and crushed garlic to diluted yogurt, dill, salt and oil. (The full recipe for Tarator can be found in our Lifestyle - Food and Drink section).