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The Trouble with Ticks

As the weather warms up in Bulgaria, we all love to spend time outdoors. But a


common problem we encounter every summer is ensuring our dog is kept tick free. Although this year we were a little late in treating him with his regular repellent - (much to his dislike and recently we have found the easier option is injections from our local vet).

This year so far has been worst than previous summers and he has had a fair amount of ticks. Like most dogs he loves his daily walks, and is a lover of exploring in long grass, and having a thick coat, ticks just seem to love him. The only problem now is that although they do not attach themselves to our dog, they do still hide in his fur. So to our dismay we have discovered them still on him when we stroke him. Of course ticks don't just like animals - they like people too, so everybody needs to be vigilant after being outside at this time of year. They are particularly harmful and are known to carry the harmful Lyme's disease.

Tips about Ticks

They are common during the warmer months from May to September.

When outdoors, whether you're relaxing or walking, take care particularly in long grass and wooded areas; wear a hat, boots and trousers.

Check yourself after time spent outside. They are very small and can attach themselves very easily onto you. They look like a harmless bug, but if they bury into you seek medical attention immediately. Do not attempt to remove them yourself as it is likely you may leave part of it in your skin. This is how Lyme's disease is contracted.

Treat your pets regularly especially in the warmer months of the year with repellent, or visit a vet for regular injections.