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Favourable Bulgarian Souvenirs

A follow up to my last post about Shareno salt I have listed some of my own favourite Bulgarian products that are available as souvenirs, to remind you of your stay here in Bulgaria, so start making your list!


Bulgarian wine and Rakia make excellent alcoholic gifts, but ensure you buy from a liquor store that can advise you on the quality of each bottle. If you are just looking to stock up on cheap booze to take home then the local supermarket will oblige.

Bulgarian Rose Oil products are definitely worth buying with hand and body lotions, soaps and not forgetting the actual oil itself. Bulgaria supplies most of the world's leading perfume manufacturers with its famous rose oil and these products are not available outside of the country. If you like to buy toiletries then Bulgaria's own Lavender products are also worth checking out.

Keen cooks should invest in some of the country's national spice called Chubritsa. It can be sprinkled onto a wide variety of dishes from mashed potatoes to cheese on toast and it's surprising the number of foreigners who buy it every year whilst on vacation. The spice can be purchased in ornate jars from the resorts or in bags from the local supermarket.

Bulgarian honey, often sold by old ladies at the side of the road is also worth buying and comes in a variety of flavours including pine honey. A great accompaniment to Bulgarian yogurt, so make sure you sample it on your stay in Bulgaria.

Crafts-wise, if your baggage allowance is large enough take home one of the handmade Bulgarian rugs. They come in a range of vibrant colours and are extremely reasonably priced considering the work that goes into making them. The Rhodope Mountains have their own brand of rug, which can be hung on the wall or used as a blanket. They are made from sheep's wool and come n a range of natural colours. Also don't forget the beautiful traditional hand crafted pottery, ceramics and woodcarvings - which can make unique gifts for loved ones back home.