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A Colourful Flavour - Shareno Salt

A visit to Bulgaria will certainly tempt your taste buds, with the wonderful assortment of herbs


and spices that make the traditional dishes taste great. One in particular is Shareno salt which is a mixture of three popular flavours frequently used in Bulgarian cuisine. Shareno salt is a colourful salt and a mix of green from the herb Chubritsa (commonly known as savoury), red from sweet pepper and white from salt.

The mixture can be bought throughout Bulgaria, and has plenty of uses. It can be used on all meats, vegetables, beans and breads. It is a simple combination and a useful spice mix to add to almost any dish. So for those visiting Bulgaria, remember to take some home to either give as a gift or use it for your own cooking. You can buy it in any shop, but if you want some for a special gift most tourist resorts sell them in decorative bottles in gift sets.