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Bulgaria - A Low Cost Destination

Despite the gloom and doom of the global financial crisis, people are still not giving up their holidays. The difference

today is that holiday-makers are seeking out good value for money places to spend their vacation time.

Bulgaria has always been considered a low-cost tourist destination, which doesn't make it proud but is an advantage in times of a financial crisis - bearing in mind that Bulgaria is well known as a tourist destination and many tourists take advantage of this during these crucial times. So why not make it your choice this summer - there is something to suit everyone.

It is worth noting that Bulgaria, a Balkan state, offers other options for a sun and sea break. It borders to the north by Romania, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south and the Black sea to the east.

There are several mountain ranges; Stara Planina crosses most of central Bulgaria boasting magnificent scenery and the Rhodopi and Rila mountains offer excellent value skiing and winter holidays. The north is a flat contrast to the rest of Bulgaria with the river Danube and Thracian plains. Historical cities are scattered throughout, and traditional villages that have been restored to its finest can also capture the more adventurous tourist. So whether summer or winter, it is still one of the best value holiday destinations in Europe.