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A Slower Pace of Life

One of the biggest attractions to Bulgaria is that it offers a slower pace of life with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach in summer and skiing in winter. Especially appealing for people who have busy careers, and are searching for some relaxation and time out.


Evenings can be spent outdoors most of the year and many neighbours spend hours recanting humorous tales of life behind the Iron Curtain over a glass of Rakia. The scenery is stunning and there is a touch of the old world living alongside the new.

Horse and carts are still respected modes of transport in Bulgaria and animals roam villages untethered. It is not surprising to get home and find a donkey or herd of goats in your garden. Villagers still grow their own produce and are very generous in sharing it with their foreign neighbours.

Additionally in recent years many younger foreign expats have relocated to Bulgaria to escape the rat race and expense of the west to turn their hand at living the good life. Gaining knowledge from locals who have a life time of experience and skills, many people now live in rural villages and become self sufficient.