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Translations and Language Lessons

Best Online Translator is a reputable online company which offers translation, interpretation, consultancy and language learning services.

Although they specialise in Bulgarian/English translations and interpreting, Best Online Translator also work alongside other big translation companies who offer translation services in many other languages.

Although originally specialising in translating and interpreting services, they have since expanded their services by offering language courses in both English and Bulgarian. So, if you are looking to learn English or Bulgarian as a foreign language, you may want to check out Best Online Translator. Whether you are looking to master Bulgarian/English, conversation skills or Business lingo, Best Online Translator can help you every step of the way. The latest online course is ‘Crash Course Bulgarian', which is a 4 week crash course in Bulgarian. The course will take you from a complete beginner to mastering good conversational skills and will give you an understanding of the Bulgarian grammar. The course includes:
-The complete course materials (for you to keep and revise)
-Regular Skype practical lessons (available at any time within the 4 weeks)
-Coursework for you to complete (which your online tutor will check regularly)
-Help sheets that will help you with various subjects regarding learning Bulgarian (Including: Making time to learn Bulgarian, Bulgarian Grammar Explained, Key Words for the Course, and more...)

Of course, Best Online Translator offer excellent quality translation and interpretation services to suit all of your needs.
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