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A Bulgarian Winter

There is no getting away from it, December to February are the coldest months wherever you live in Bulgaria. This year has seen some of the lowest temperatures on record throughout Bulgaria causing much hardship for its residents.

The last few weeks have been some of the coldest on record, and many parts of the country have experienced  freezing cold temperatures in some areas below minus 20 degs C - especially at night. Heavy snowfalls for weeks have caused chaos to the roads and it was a constant battle for local authorities to clear roads for people to continue with their daily lives. Cities, towns and villages have on some occasions lost electricity from sudden, heavy snow falls.


This winter is one of the coldest the country as seen, but equally they can be unpredictable with pleasant warm temperatures enabling you to eat outside. One thing about Bulgarian winters is that they are over quickly and there is something appealing about relaxing in front of a cosy log fire with a good book and a glass of Bulgarian wine. Of course, if you live in the Bulgarian Mountains, you could try your hand at skiing! However, temperatures are slowly rising and the weather is returning back to a normal temperature. This is great news for us and for everyone living in Bulgaria.