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Smoking Ban in Bulgaria

The smoking ban in all public places which comes into effect as of 1st June 2012 is supported by 60 % of the population of Bulgaria.

Recent polls suggest that 10% of Bulgarians want to quit the habit in preparation for the ban later this year.

These statistics are hard to believe for a nation that seems to be addicted to nicotine, so it will be interesting to see how the smoking ban will be enforced. On the other hand, the cost has risen considerably over the past few years in Bulgaria and I know for many Bulgarians, this has been one of the main reasons for quitting - not for the health issues like you would expect.

Visitors and property hunters we have met from outside of Bulgaria- in particular the U.K - are still amazed at the cost of a packet of cigarettes (about 5 - 6 leva) in comparison to home. And for some people who smoke, it actually helps in the deciding factor to relocate here because like most people the cost of living is amongst one of the issues for moving to Bulgaria.