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New Year Resolutions

Another year will soon be gone and most people will have only bills to remind them of Christmas and New Year. A new year encourages a new start with resolutions to change certain habits;

the most common being reducing debt, losing weight or giving up a vice such as drinking or smoking.

For some people 2013 will also bring changes in their lives with either a different direction in a career or a move to a new country. With the global crisis and many countries having difficulties, a new year for some will mean out with the old and in with the new. A new year brings with it a fresh start and gives people the drive to embark on a new life in a new country and with it opportunities that they may have not had in their homeland.

Last year Bulgaria had been amongst the top 10 for popular countries to relocate to from the recent Move Channel statistics. Falling house prices and competitive living costs make it an ideal country to start a new life in. As with most countries, there are pros and cons and none of them are perfect, but the cost of living in Bulgaria is top of the list to most people when it comes to considering such a big move. And plenty of research has to be done before making the commitment, but Quest bg has a huge portfolio on life and living in Bulgaria, so start reading today.

Bulgaria has village houses from as little as 5000 Euros and although in need of modernisation, still makes it an inexpensive purchase, considerably cheaper than a used car in the U.K. If that seems too daunting, many renovated properties inland can be found from as little as 20 000 depending on size and location. Can you afford to miss these great prices?