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Bulgarian 'Kusmeti'

When you drink certain coffees in a cafe in Bulgaria, it comes to you served on a saucer with a small, rolled-up piece of paper which has a message on it; this message is your fortune.


These are called ‘lucks' or ‘kusmeti' in Bulgarian. Some examples of luck messages are as follows: ‘love', ‘health', ‘money', ‘travel', ‘prosperity', etc.


Of course, these are only a few examples - the message you may receive will vary from luck to luck. Some are written in just one single word, others are written in sentences.

Lucks are also used for this time of year - New Year. Bulgarians wrap lucks individually around cocktail sticks and place them in a homemade banitsa. Each guest picks a slice of banitsa with a ‘kusmeti' in it and that luck represents their fortune for the following year.