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A Visit To The U.K


Many British expats who live permanently in Bulgaria have regular trips back to the U.K to visit family and friends and even just for shopping trips! But I have not been back to the U.K for three years and so, therefore, thought it was time to catch up and see how things were with the country as well as visiting family for a few days.

First impressions when we arrived were as usual, the damp, dreary weather which was a little disapointing as we left behind great weather at Burgas airport with blue sunny skies. Many people we have spoken to whilst living in Bulgaria always mention how much they love the bright skies here and that they seem to be with us more days than not; obviously not like the U.K, where it the exact opposite.

The second reminder of life in Britain was the queues and busy traffic on the motoways en route to stay with family. When we finally arrivived at our destination trying to find a parking space was a challenge as it is so congested with each household having so many vehicles!

Whilst dining out in some of our favourite restaurants, (yes l have to admit we miss a decent curry) e.g Indian and local pub grub, it shocked us at how much food was served and how much people ordered and ate! Is it any wonder most of the population are overweight? Although Bulgarian's are also getting into the western junk food habits and I would say that they too are getting slightly bigger, people are still considerably thinner then those on Britain's streets.

On the plus side, familiar high street stores were well stocked with some great styles and at bargain prices. I had to spare a thought in what I was buying because of the return journey and the luggage allowance.