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Winter is Looming

Winter is looming in Bulgaria,and days are now  crisp with bright blue skies and in some parts of the country. Areas like the Rhodope Mountains, the sun can still be strong enabling you to still wear a T-shirt.


Winter allows you to revisit your wardrobe and put on more layers.

Last minute jobs in the garden can be completed, and preperations and winterising your home for the colder months can be made.

The colour of the leaves changing against the backdrop of clear skies makes this timeless wonderland a magical place to be. There are still plenty of sunny days in November that there is no need for coats when out. And the centreal heating is used less during the daytime, although it can turn chilly at night.

Winters can sometimes be unprdeictable in Bulgaria. Last winter was particularly cold proving excellent for ski enthusiasts, but not so pleasant for those tucked away in central rural areas or on the coast. Whatever the winter weather, its always wise to make sure you can stay warm - even if it means getting out those long johns!

There is no getting away from it, December and January are the coldest months wherever you live in Bulgaria. Temperatures have been known to plummet as low as minus 20 degrees, but equally winter can be unpredictable with pleasant warm temperatures enabling you to eat outside and take long strolls in the forest or along the beach.

One thing about Bulgarian winters is that they are over quickly and there is something appealing about relaxing in front of a cosy log fire with a good book and a glass of Bulgarian wine. Of course, if you live in the Bulgarian Mountains, you will be out skiing every day!