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Buying Bulgarian Property Tips

Buying Bulgarian Property Tips - Here we have put together a few points to consider before buying property in Bulgaria:


Remember to be realistic, if you love living in the city don't opt for a rural property just because it's cheaper.

* Check the local infrastructure and how it can benefit your situation specifically. Does your area have good transport links, Wi-Fi, schools?

* Don't buy on a whim, do as much research as you can into your chosen town, city or village location.

* Be practical and budget. If you fall in love with a wreck, check the renovation costs with a professional and don't forget to build contingencies into your budget.

* If your move is of a permanent nature, check out the job opportunities. Being a native speaker in a foreign country can give you a specific skill set that may offer new job possibilities.

* Don't make assumptions, get out there and do your homework. Speak to other expats who have been in a similar position and learn from their experiences - good and bad!

* Don't believe that all Bulgarian property is dirt cheap; it isn't but it can offer better value than comparable property in the UK.

* Never underestimate the difficulty of establishing a business in a foreign country.

* Be aware that the Bulgarian legal system and buying process is different from the UK. Get professional advice at every step.

* Avoid buying Bulgarian property on impulse. Remember, this is a serious financial commitment and monetary gains will invariably be reflected in your effort to weigh up the options.

* Don't look through rose-tinted spectacles when considering buying Bulgarian property. Get impartial advice and use the same buying criteria as you would in the UK. Don't be attracted by internet ‘bargains' or promises of quick riches.