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A Brief Taste of Winter-in October

October snowfall is not that uncommon in Bulgaria, only last year many parts of the country witnessed a few white October days. The last 2 days though have been very different.


It was not such a big surprise to wake up on a Monday morning in to the sight of snow; after all it wasn’t so much. What we were about to experience was far from what we expected; we just could not believe our eyes. Approx 8'' of snow had fallen through the night and many of the trees, most of them still bearing leaves could not cope with the intense weight of the fallen snow. As a result several trees were broken or bent over to the point where some had fallen onto the electricity pylon cables, bringing them crashing to the ground and so leaving many of us without power.

Tuesday morning and it was time to drive to our local city of Gabrovo. Thinking we might escape from the destruction in our village we set off on the `normally` 20 minutes trip. Along the way we were delayed by more trees which had fallen into the roads causing chaos to motorists. On arriving at Gabrovo we were again greeted by a city which we did not at first sight recognise. The presence of vehicles carrying emergency teams from EON was however reassuring. They had been working through the previous night and continuing through the day to restore power to the city and its surrounding villages.

Although Gabrovo is 99% back to normal now, many of its villages (including ours) are not. Yesterday evening saw our electricity return but within minutes of this joy we were then disappointed by the loss of the village water supply.
As I write this blog we now have no electricity or water so I am writing with limited light the old fashioned way, by pen on paper!

Looking on the bright side though, the view from our house and garden has changed considerably as we now have a much wider panoramic view than what we had previous to the snow storm. Also, when we first bought our house 4 1/2 years ago we had an uninterrupted view of our Bulgarian neighbour’s house. This was useful to us for communicating with him across the gardens when we would decide to get together for a Rakia or 2.For the past 2 years the trees have obscured the view completely, but as from yesterday we can now see his house as before, I think we will now be seeing a lot more of him.

The water and electricity are now back on together so life is good again and I will now take the paper copy of this blog and quickly publish it on the site while all is going well.